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Epic Empire Pictures Blu-ray Collection boasts 18 classic flicks!

Empire Pictures was founded by producer/director Charles Band in 1983, and though Band left Empire in the early 1990s to form Full Moon, the flicks he produced during his Empire years are still legend. As a gift to fans for those films, Charles Band and Full Moon, along with Shout! Factory THE EMPIRE PICTURES BLU-RAY COLLECTION May 5th. The massive limited edition collection will...
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Take a nightmarish trip to Lost Lake

We just got word about director Marcus Nash's latest foray into horror, the chilling-sounding LOST LAKE, which is now available to view on Amazon Instant , iTunes and Google Play.  Starring Ezra Buzzington (from THE HILLS HAVE EYES ), Katie Keene, John Shartzer and Pat McNeely, LOST LAKE centers on... A terrifying dream sends Tricia and her fiancée Jeff on a harrowing...
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