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It's the Booze Talkin': Don't remake Dario Argento's Suspiria!

Do you remember your first experiences with certain directors? I certainly do. And one that I’ll never forget is the magic of SUSPIRIA from legendary Dario Argento. It was a late night and I decided to rent the film as I had only heard stories about it. While the plot is more than a bit strange - ridiculous perhaps - the fact is the movie really is a masterpiece of atmosphere, set...
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Night Screams For Mercy (Graphic Novel Review)

ORDER NIGHT SCREAMS FOR MERCY HERE PLOT: In October of 1972, a rash of grisly murders have besieged an unnamed western Italian city. Laconic detective Claudio Morante is assigned to solve the case of the infamous Jesus Killer, yet the closer he gets to the crimes, the worse he is for wear. What gives? REVIEW: As a longtime adorer of the Giallo subset of Italian horror...
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Sexy, freaky trailer for Red Nights, starring Frederique Bel

Here's the trailer for "Hong Kong giallo" RED NIGHTS , which definitely looks like a twisted good time. Combining Asian gangster thriller with bloody Italian horror flick, the movie comes from Belgian filmmakers Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud; it's definitely a multicultural adventure in depravity! Though it was made back in 2010, it's finally getting a stateside DVD release...
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Virginia Obscura scores distribution with Wizard Studios; release date, trailer and poster revealed

We've been covering the upcoming paternity horror/slasher VIRGINIA OBSCURA for some time now, with our first report on the film coming back in November of 2012 and most recently sharing the first stills from the flick with you back in March of last year. Now we've learned that VIRGINIA OBSCURA has found a home, garnering distribution through Full Moon and Wizard Studios!...
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Sleazy Italian slasher Slaughter Hotel comes to Blu-ray in 2014

Fans of gruesome Italian horror will be pleased to learn that Fernando Di Leo's "La bestia uccide a sangue freddo" - aka SLAUGHTER HOTEL - is receiving a proper Blu-ray release from Raro Video USA in 2014. There is no specific date as of yet. Raro Video USA has been churning out some pretty gnarly and obscure films recently, and they've got more on the way: NIGHTMARE CITY, THE YEAR...
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Dissecting Dario Argento!

WRITER/DIRECTOR DARIO ARGENTO! Despite the effete late phase of his career, Dario Argento is deservedly one of the most heralded horror filmmakers of all time. There's no other way to parse it. The Italian maestro of splatter cinema burst onto the scene in 1970 with his debut feature THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, and has made 20 or so subsequent films - most of...
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Cast brewing for Italy-set witch horror The Demoniacs

Here's a fun-sounding project: THE DEMONIACS , a ghastly thriller concerning a coven of witches set in Italy, with effects from longtime Dario Argento collaborator Sergio Stivaletti. Yes, you're hooked aren't you? THE DEMONIACS, from writer/director Brian Feeney, is currently assembling a pretty cool cast: Bai Ling will play a "warrior witch" named Vida, while JOHN DIES AT THE...
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First stills from paternity horror Virginia Obscura

Today we have a fresh batch of stills from Tony Osborne's twisty giallo slasher VIRGINIA OBSCURA, a tale of dark secrets and unforgiven sins that we last told ya about HERE . You can check 'em out after the synopsis below: Virginia’s embittered search to find her birth father takes a bloody turn… Following a deathbed confession, where she learns the names of four...
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New giallo Tulpa gets a sexy, bloody red-band trailer

Ah, it's refreshing to see some new giallo on the horizon, isn't it? Director Federico Zampaglione has engineered some devilish sex and violence with his new horror number TULPA , and you can enjoy the freakiness below. Just know that this is definitely NSFW, with plenty of nudity, impalings, bloodshed and general gory carnage splattered across the screen. If you're all alone, however,...
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