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Barbara Hershey to represent a mysterious organization on The X-Files

Barbara Hershey currently has an even 100 acting credits listed on her IMDb page, and soon they'll be adding #101. She'll be earning that 101st credit with a recurring role on the next season of The X-Files , where she'll be playing a character named Erika Price. Deadline hears that Price is "a powerful figure who represents a mysterious organization"....
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The X-Files season 11 will only have 2 mythology episodes

I'm not a viewer of the Fox television series The X-Files , but I do know that the show likes to switch it up between "mythology episodes" that advance the overarching story and standalone "monster of the week" episodes. At this point in the series, when long periods of time have gone by with no X-Files at all and the show is now coming back for shortened...
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The X-Files season 11 adds Annabeth Gish and female directors

Monica Reyes was a major character in the eighth and ninth seasons of The X-Files , but when the show returned to Fox last year after a 14 year hiatus Reyes only appeared in one episode - the season finale. If you were hoping to see more of her, you're in luck: with an Instagram post, Gish has confirmed that she will be returning for season 11. Gish will be joining fellow...
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Robert Patrick would love to return to The X-Files

As well know, there is an 11th season of THE X-FILES currently in production and while we have already seen the return of stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson - hell, we've even heard the awesome news that Mitch Pileggi (SHOCKER) is returning - but what about Robert Patrick's Doggett? While we will mostly likely have to wait a while longer to hear any official word...
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Mitch Pileggi will return for the next season of The X-Files

There was a time during my childhood when horror magazines were selling me on the idea that Mitch Pileggi was going to be the genre's next great icon, so I will always have a spot in my horror-loving heart for the man who played Horace Pinker in SHOCKER . Even though I'm not very familiar with The X-Files overall, having only seen a few stray episodes, I do know that Pileggi...
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Gillian Anderson speaks out on X-Files all-male writer's room

Who wrote the rule that sci-fi is a boy's game? I don't know but it seems like the upcoming season of THE X-FILES is playing by some kind of unwritten rule-of-thumb and star Gillian Anderson is none too happy about it. It was earlier this week you may remember we shared the news that the upcoming eleventh season of THE X-FILES had assembled their writer's room , which includes...
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Writers have been assembled for The X-Files season 11

I'm certain I have seen no more than five episodes of The X-Files , if I have even seen that many. In the build-up to the six episode 2016 revival of the 1993 - 2002 series, I had some intention of catching up on the first nine seasons before that shortened tenth season reached Fox airwaves, but I just didn't get around to it. I remain lost in the darkness when it comes to this...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Mitch Pileggi

MITCH PILEGGI THEN : If today’s Where in the Horror are they Now subject had only done one specific role, he’d still be a legend in genre. Sure you could call Mitch Pileggi a character actor, but man has he played some incredible characters. And frankly, I may just have to wait to talk about his amazing work on the popular series The X-Files just to fit everything in...
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Fox greenlights another season of The X-Files revival

It's just a couple days shy of fourteen months since the season finale of The X-Files ' six episode revival aired on Fox, and just days ago it was still a complete mystery as to whether or not the network would be ordering another season of the revival. Earlier this month, we only knew for sure that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson would be reprising the roles of special...
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Duchovny and Anderson reprise X-Files roles for audiobook

In the build-up to Fox's six episode 2016 revival of The X-Files, I confessed that I had hardly watched any episodes of the show's initial nine season run (and had never seen either of the feature films ). I considered catching up on The X-Files before that short tenth season made it to the airwaves... but I didn't. When it comes to The X-Files, I remain out of the loop....
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Character posters from Starz's American Gods

We are a little over one month away from the premiere of Starz's AMERICAN GODS TV series. The series, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, is created by HANNIBAL's Bryan Fuller, and the first season's 8-episode run will begin April 30th! Today we have a series of badass character posters to share with you guys. Series showrunner, the above-mentioned Bryan Fuller, took...
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Check out the full trailer for Neil Gaiman's American Gods!

Starz is set to premiere the new series AMERICAN GODS , based on the novel written in 2001 by Neil Gaiman, this Sunday, April 30th at 9PM. As if we needed any further reason to be ultra-excited for the upcoming series, Starz has now released an awesome f*cking trailer.  Check it out below! I have not yet read Neil Gaiman's novel the series' is based on, but I...
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