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Booze Talkin': Can you see Jeepers Creepers 3 if you hate Victor Salva?

Reading a few Facebook comments on a story we recently posted right here on AITH, something struck me as a little disturbing. I’m sure every single one of you have experienced the terror of the name calling, the threats and the sheer insanity that comes with a controversial post and the brutality of the comment section. This particular one involved the upcoming sequel to...
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Meg Foster steps into the Jeepers Creepers 3 role vacated by Barbeau

Last month, it was revealed that Adrienne Barbeau had joined the cast of JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 ... and just eight days later, Barbeau announced that she would not be in the movie after all. Given that the sequel was already filming when Barbeau dropped out, she had to be replaced very quickly. Ten days later, we now know who is taking over the role of Gaylen Brandon, whose...
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Adrienne Barbeau will not be in Jeepers Creepers 3 after all

The controversial JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 just lost a horror icon. It was only a little over a week ago that we heard Adrienne Barbeau ( THE FOG (pictured above), CREEPSHOW , ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK , SWAMP THING ) had joined the cast of the sequel to play a character named Gaylen Brandon, whose son Kenny was one of the Creeper's past victims,  leaving in this shattered...
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Possible spoilers: who's the real lead Creeper-Killer in Jeepers Creepers 3?

Oh, dip. Did some casting agency just give away some massive JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 spoilers?? Meh. I don't know about that... I guess you could say, "if the filmmakers didn't want the info released - it's a spoiler." And you might be right. But when the reveal makes this much sense (especially as a sequel) I don't know if I'd call it spoilers as much as...
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Jeepers Creepers 3 might hit theaters this summer

Do you remember Victor Salva's JEEPERS CREEPERS ? Well, it seems (via an anonymous scooper, so take it with a grain of salt) that  JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 has a possible release date. Let the creeper fly! JEEPERS CREEPERS 3: CATHEDRAL is set to haunt theaters on June 1st 2013. This is really interesting considering that we haven't heard anything about the flick since Salva talked...
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