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Warner Bros. greenlights all-girl Lord of the Flies remake

One of my favorite novels of all time is William Golding's LORD OF THE FLIES . I was told to read the book for school at much too young of an age (and then watch the movie afterward) and I was blown away by how intense and savage the book/movie were. Let's read more shite like this! Anyhow, if you're a fan of LORD OF THE FLIES like I am then you'll be interested to...
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NSFW Trailer: Pool Party Massacre

I first took notice of POOL PARTY MASSACRE when I saw the amazing poster for the film (which you can peep below), and it has been on my radar ever since. News has been quiet, but today we finally have a trailer (of sorts) to show you guys. I call it a trailer (of sorts) because the whole thing runs a mere :30 secs. But hell that's evidently more than enough time to showcase...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Vamp U (2013)

Say someone tells you there's a recent mixed genre flick, and it's essentially a sex-comedy set in college and it involves bloodsucking beasts… Right from the get-go, that sounds pretty awesome, right? How could you go wrong? Well, let VAMP U (2013) show you just how that's possible. Crestfallen as I am to admit, I actually watched most of this movie, and with an open mind, too. The...
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Horror Ten Spot: Sexiest Witches!

For a pumped up red-blooded horror fan, what's better than seeing a super sexy witch bitch onscreen? Seriously, is there another creature in the horror/fantasy genre able to at once frighten and arouse so induce as many heart-attacks as straight-up hard-attacks? Very few, if any. With HANSEL AND GRETEL WITCH HUNTERS out today, not to mention LORDS OF SALEM and OZ THE GREAT AND...
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DVD/Blu-Ray Release Dates: January & February 2013

Our GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section has been updated! January 2013 has me by the balls with DREDD , THE POSSESSION , TAKEN 2 , CITADEL ,  UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 4 , and THE AWAKENING . While weak-tit February (so far anyway) got my interest with SILENT HILL REVELATION (which I liked) and a fav Dolph Lundgren flick of mine JOSHUA TREE (also known as ARMY OF ONE) finally...
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Arrow in the Head's Top 10 Genre Hotties of 2012

If there's one thing our beloved genre nearly never disappoints on delivering, it's the hotties! So many lovely nubile women have screamed their way into our hearts this past year that I found it quite difficult narrowing this list down to just 10. So, if you feel that I've skipped over a beauty that really strokes you the right way, give that girl some love in the bullet spitting section...
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