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Top 10 Lovable Horror Movie Monsters!

Speak up friends, how many of you already watch Bong Joon-Ho's OKJA on Netflix over the past day or two? If you did, what'd you think? Is it up to the sterling South Korean director's standards? Either way, there's no denying that the monster in the movie is that of a gentle giant. A benevolent beast. Of course, that got us down the rabbit hole of what other horror movie monsters adhere to a...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas! Games, collectibles and toys!

CHECK OUT OUR HORROR BOOKS AND VIDEO GAMES HERE! CHECK OUT OUR HORROR BLU-RAYS HERE! CHECK OUT HORROR T-SHIRTS HERE! We gave you all kinds of Christmas Gift suggestions thus far (see links above and at the end of this story); and here's our last Ho Ho Ho push: Horror board games, collectibles and toys! Find below a slew of genre related goodies that should make any...
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Chris Columbus, writer of original Gremlins, to produce Gremlins reboot

For many years, there's been talk of a GREMLINS reboot/remake, and there finally seems to be some real progress being made as earlier this year we heard that the project was being fast-tracked at Warner Bros. with ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER writer Seth Grahame-Smith reportedly tapped to produce the long-gestating film. Now The Tracking Board has learned that the original...
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Is Warner Bros. fast-tracking that Gremlins remake? It seems so!

We've known for a while that a remake of Joe Dante's 1984 classic GREMLINS was in the pipeline at Warner Brothers, most recently with ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER writer Seth Grahame-Smith reportedly tapped to produce the long-gestating reboot. While many fans aren't too thrilled with the idea of GREMLINS getting the remake treatment, others are quite OK with it,...
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The Test of Time: Gremlins (1984)

We all have movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? So…the point of this here column is whether of not a film stands the test of time. I’m not gonna question whether it’s still a good flick, but if the...
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Warner Brothers moving forward with Gremlins reboot; Seth Grahame-Smith to produce

Here's some news to make you choke on your coffee this morning. According to Bloody Disgusting, DARK SHADOWS/ ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER writer Seth Grahame-Smith will be producing a third† GREMLINS picture for Warner Brothers, alongside David Katzenberg, moving ahead with a remake of Amblinís 1984 GREMLINS instead of the long gestured sequel. There is no word on who will...
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