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Captain America director Joe Johnston on the brink of Extinction with alien invasion project

Joe Johnston, who directed 2011's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and JURASSIC PARK 3 , is in negotiations to direct EXTINCTION, a sci-fi feature project set up at Good Universe that we first told you about in September of last year, according to THR. David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville are producing EXTINCTION, which was written by Spenser Cohen. Plot details...
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Good Universe grabs sci-fi thriller Extinction

Good Universe has acquired EXTINCTION, a spec script written by Spenser Cohen that Mandeville Films will produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Plots details are being kept under wraps, though those close to the project described it as a thriller with science fiction elements with comparisons to CLOVERFIELD and THE SIXTH SENSE being suggested. Good Universe is now in the...
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Tarsem Singh lines up sci-fi thriller The Panopticon

With an upcoming slate that includes the Ryan Reynolds-starring SELFLESS and an epic and ambitious take on the life of Marco Polo set to star Gong Li, you would think that Tarsem Singh would be too busy to take on yet another project, but that's exactly what the director has done as The Wrap has learned that Singh is set to bring his distinct visual style to Good Universe's THE...
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Will the Dibbuk box be reopened with a sequel to The Possession?

Did you get a chance to check out THE POSSESSION ? It was a pretty solid horror flick from Ghosthouse Pictures that starred Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick as a divorced couple who must team up to fight off a malicious ancient spirit that is terrorizing their child after the young girl finds a Dibbuk box - an antique found at a yard sale containing a malevolent possessing spirit...
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