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Gothica adds Melissa George to its cast as a cunning villainess

Australian beauty Melissa George has joined the ensemble cast of ABC's ambitious new horror series "Gothica" , which pits some of literature's greatest monsters against one another in modern times. According to Deadline, George - best known for roles in such flicks as 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR - will play Fiona Hunter, the series’ most formidable force, and...
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Gothica lands Emma Booth as Frankenstein's wife

ABC's upcoming genre show GOTHICA is picking up steam in the casting department. It was a little over a week ago when we shared the news that Janet Montgomery had joined Chris Egan and Tom Ellis for the series which weaves together a mythology that centers on a modern day take on the cinematic legends of Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and today we have a new...
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Gothica series pins Janet Montgomery to play Grace Van Helsing

Just last week we learned that ABC's upcoming GOTHICA series grabbed its first two leading stars with Chris Egan and Tom Eliss who will play Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein. According to Deadline, Janet Montgomery ( THE HILLS RUN RED ) has staked a spot in the leading role of Grace Van Helsing, a New York journalist who takes over her family's newspaper. The cast is starting to...
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Classic horror characters come together in Gothica

There are numerous upcoming horror themed TV projects in the works with the upcoming HANNIBAL , DRACULA and UNDER THE DOME just to name a few. Now, we've got another one heading our way by the name of GOTHICA. Deadline reports that ABC's GOTHICA has cast its first lead characters of Dorian Gray who will be played by Chris Egan (right) ( RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION ) and Tom Ellis...
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