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The Frighteners- Horror Movie Review- (Day 15 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: Thanks to a freak accident, Frank Bannister is able to “see dead people”. So of course, he uses this gift to run a paranormal investigator service that actually scams people because he actually is in cahoots with the ghosts! However, things get hairy when people begin dying of strange, yet seemingly natural causes within his town. Certain that Death himself has descended upon...
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Cool Horror Videos: Drown your Fears

  When you think of iconic horror images there are several characters that come to mind. A new spot for Herbaria calming tea utilizes three of them in an imaginative (and downright creepy) way. While an ad for tea is the last thing you'd expect to give you nightmares, this creepy spot is effective enough to warrant going out and buying some of their product. Monsters based on...
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