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Scout Taylor-Compton says she'll be in Halloween 3 - would you be down?

Hope you've got a grain of salt with you, because you'll definitely need it for this bit of news. We're all going cuckoo with the revelation that HALLOWEEN 3 is moving forward , even though we have no idea how close it is to actually happening. Certainly, it seems clear it's in the development stage, and it's probable that a writer is on board, but mostly all we can do is...
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Halloween 3 on track and moving forward, official Halloween site declares

As you may have heard a few days ago, HALLOWEEN 3 (or 3D) seems to be shaking the cobwebs off and climbing out of development hell. Bloody Disgusting reported that the Weinstein Company has moved closer to launching the new sequel, after about five years of attempting to crack the story. No details were available, but the very news that Michael Myers may yet live to fight another day...
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Michael Myers to slash again in Halloween 3D?

Is HE ready to come home… again? Bloody Disgusting is reporting Michael Myers is poised to make a comeback in HALLOWEEN 3D . While no details or solid confirmation of this report is available, the site claims the news is coming out of the Cannes Film Market, which is just getting underway. Here is how BD tells it: Our sources on the Cannes stomping ground tell us...
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Sanitarium Massacre to hit PC and THQ gives Metro: 2033 free!

It's been a while since we've had a good round-up of horror gaming news, so let's get down to brass tax. In the best news gamers have gotten in a while, THQ is giving out free, I repeat FREE, copies of METRO: 2033. The critically acclaimed first person shooter will only be available until December 16th but should get you primed to pre-order the follow-up, METRO: LAST LIGHT...
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