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Bryan Fuller reveals details, directors for Hannibal season 3

Fans of NBC's "Hannibal" rejoice. The wait will soon be over. June 4...that's when "Hannibal" serves out season 3 of the best damn horror show on TV (in my opinion). I've got my calendar marked and my reservations made, and I can't wait to see what Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) will be serving up this season! "Hannibal" series creator Bryan...
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NBC sets premiere dates for Hannibal and Aquarius

Set your dinner tables, folks, because NBC has revealed the premiere date for the third season of “Hannibal”! The show will make its return on Thursday, June 4th, reports TV Line. Earlier this week we learned that Zachary Quinto will appear in at least one episode as a patient of Bedelia’s, played by Gillian Anderson. Michael Pitt was recently replaced by Joe...
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Zachary Quinto to guest star on Hannibal Season 3

“Hannibal” fans really couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the psychotic family as “American Horror Story” star Zachary Quinto will appear in at least one episode of the show’s upcoming third season, reports EW. His character is said to be a patient of Bedelia’s, played by the wonderful Gillian Anderson. Quinto is a phenomenal actor who...
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Dissecting Anthony Hopkins!

ANTHONY HOPKINS! You don't need this old dummy to tell you that Sir Anthony Hopkins is among the finest actors to ever draw a breath. Dude's an all-time great. Inarguably. An absolute titan of thespianism, screen and stage. No question. From Shakespearean highbrow to Hannibal Lector lowbrow, Hopkins commits just the same, with all his heart and soul, no...
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Cool Horror Gear: ShirtPunch's Hannibal shirts & hoodies

I am super stoked about the return of NBC's "Hannibal" this summer and what better way to celebrate than by wearing some Cool Horror Gear inspired by the best damn horror-themed show on TV? ShirtPunch! has us covered (literally) with two new "Hannibal" designs available in t-shirts, zippered hoodies, fitted shirts, long sleeve shirts, and pullover hoodies, and if...
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True Detective's Glenn Fleshler joins Hannibal

Looks like the third season of NBC’s “Hannibal” just got a little bit creepier as TV Line reports that “True Detective’s” Glenn Fleshler—he played the lawn-mower man Errol—is joining the NBC thriller as Cordell, the personal nurse of the disfigured Mason Verger. Verger, by the way, will now be played by THE DIVIDE’s Joe Anderson....
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NBC's Hannibal, starring Mads Mikkelsen, serves up a sneak peek at season 3

We recently learned that NBC's "Hannibal" will be returning to this summer and will will push into RED DRAGON territory as confirmed by Richard Armitage’s casting as Francis Dolarhyde. Now we've got a sneak peek at the upcoming third season which finds Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) hunting down Mads Mikkelsen’s charming cannibal serial killer, but it may...
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Tony winner Nina Arianda joins Hannibal season 3 as Will's new wife

While we can debate until the cows come home (whatever that old idiom means) what the best damn horror show on TV is, I've always argued that NBC's "Hannibal" wears that crown of antlers. I'm kind of obsessed with it, to tell the truth, and I've been super stoked about the third season, which we recently learned wouldn't be returning until the summer...
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NBC's Hannibal won't return to the dinner table until summer

Bad news for those of you who had made dinner reservations with NBC's "Hannibal" . It has been revealed that the macabre series won't be returning to television sets until this summer. Certainly later than usual for the cannibalistic show: Season One premiered in April of 2013, while Season Two opened wide February 2014. NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt confirmed the seasonal change to...
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NBC's Hannibal finds The Tooth Fairy: Richard Armitage

Big casting news for the third season of "Hannibal" : Richard Armitage (THE HOBBIT, INTO THE STORM) has been cast as Francis Dolarhyde, better known as The Tooth Fairy. Any horror fan worth his or her salt knows the infamous character, who was portrayed by both Tom Noonan (in Michael Mann's MANHUNTER ) and Ralph Fiennes (in Brett Ratner's RED DRAGON ). TV Line reports Armitage is...
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It's the Booze Talkin': 2014 Was A Pretty Good Year for Horror Fans!

At the end of the year we are inundated with best of lists, top 10s and so many other articles commemorating a year in review. And while this may be just another look back at the past twelve months, it is honestly a pleasure to talk about all the groovy things that have continued to make me proud to be a horror fan. I could easily complain and I certainly have that the studio system...
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Joe Anderson replaces Michael Pitt in NBC's Hannibal

The cast of NBC’s “Hannibal” is going to look slightly different once Season 3 rolls around as TV Line is reporting that Michael Pitt has left the show and will be replaced by Joe Anderson in the iconic role as the sociopathic meat-packing magnate Mason Verger. While there is no word on why Pitt is out, sources say that the decision to leave the show was his own....
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