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Delivery: The Beast Within (Movie Review)

PLOT : In an attempt to create a new series, a producer finds a couple who are expecting their first child after previously suffering a miscarriage. The story is told by featuring the pilot episode, and then interviews with the series creator as well as “found footage” to explain the tragic – and possibly supernatural – events he witnessed along the way. REVIEW : A couple expecting...
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Neil Marshall-produced supernatural thriller Soulmate headed to AFM after premiering at Sitges

It was almost a year ago when we told you about the upcoming supernatural thriller SOULMATE, which was being presented by Neil Marshall and was written and directed by Marshall's CENTURION and DOOMSDAY actress (and his real life 'soulmate') Axelle Carolyn. Now Screen Daily is reporting that the film is set to make its premiere later this month at the Sitges International...
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Exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Paranormal Witness - The Lynchwood Secret

Everyone loves a creepy ghost story...especially when it's based on an actual haunting! That's just one reason why we'll be tuning into SyFy's "Paranormal Witness" tonight as the show tells the terrifyingly true story of 'The Lynchwood Secret'. But there's another reason we'll be tuning in for this particular episode - it was helmed by DEAD WOOD...
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Do we now know what The Conjuring sequel might focus on?

James Wan's THE CONJURING recently surpassed $100 million at the box office and is well on its way to becoming one of the highest grossing supernatural horror films ever, performing beyond all expectations while breaking barriers as not just a great horror film, but a great film of any genre. Our own John 'The Arrow' Fallon went bananas over it (read his review HERE ) and...
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Time slips by with trailer, stills from Tick Tock Trick

There's nothing like a nice little vacation to a haunted 17th century manor house to get your spirits lifted, right? Well, I could think of at least a dozen other places to spend my vacation, but in director Bronwyn Edwards upcoming chiller TICK TOCK TRICK that's exactly where we find our group of travelers visiting for some spooky good times. Today we have a first look at the trailer and a...
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Prepare to enter The Amityville Asylum with new poster, gallery

It seems that every few months we're hit with another tale of terror based around the iconic horror tale THE AMITYVILLE HORROR . From the recent Asylum entry THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING to the festival hit documentary MY AMITYVILLE HORROR and even the upcoming THE AMITYVILLE LEGACY 3-D, there certainly isn't a shortage of new fright flicks revolving around the events that transpired at 112...
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