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Kill of the Day: Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007)

We need our heart. We'd be pretty useless without it, wouldn't we? Of course we would. So when people talk of 'tearing your heart out' it has a ring to it because that shite is just crazy, right? With that in mind what do you think about that rare moment in a horror flick where a heart is removed? Awesome? Vicious? Disgusting? Whatever your opinion you should scroll on down below and...
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Face-Off: My Bloody Valentine (original) Vs. My Bloody Valentine (remake)

I was pleased to see the amount of undead affinity our last Face-Off garnered. Both flicks battling definitely have a special place in the hearts of horror lovers and ya'll did a fine job speaking from your tickers. I do believe Peter Jackson's Dead Alive did just solidify a victory. Thanks for showing the love. And today, we are mixing love and horror into a fun little cocktail of...
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