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Trick or Treat- Horror Movie Video Review- (Day 18 of 31)- October Massacre

Charles Martin Smith's 1986 TRICK OR TREAT (READ MY REVIEW OF IT HERE) is a personal favorite of mine, I watch it every Halloween! It blows my mind that it hasn't gotten a proper DVD or BLU-RAY release in North America (no that shitty DVD with Ozzie and Gene Simmons on the cover doesn't count). I hear "music rights" issues is holding that back. If so then why do...
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Will Robert Rodriguez bring Heavy Metal to TV?

While doing promotional rounds at SXSW for his new "From Dusk Till Dawn" ( review ) series, Robert Rodriguez offered an update on the long talked about HEAVY METAL adaptation. Thanks to his newly launched El Rey network, it's no surprise that he is now eyeing a potential TV adaptation of the 1981 animated sci-fi anthology. “Well, now that I’ve got a...
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Syfy abducts Metal Hurlant Chronicles, starring Scott Adkins and Kelly Brook

French sci-fi action series "Metal Hurlant Chronicles" has been picked up by the Syfy network, the trades are reporting. The series, which stars Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, James Marsters, John Rhys-Davies and Kelly Brook, was helmed by Guillaume Lubrano and is based on the "Heavy Metal" comics from the 70s. We first wrote about the show in 2011 . The show is...
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