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Helen Hunt to star in horror film I See You

Helen Hunt has managed to build a 40+ year acting career with a shockingly low number of genre credits to her name, but back in the mid-'80s she co-starred in one of my all-time favorite Charles Band productions, the sci-fi adventure TRANCERS, about a man named Jack Deth who travels through time hunting the zombie-like villains of the title. Hunt returned for a couple sequels,...
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Legendary filmmakers Roger Corman and Charles Band unite for a two man show

Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen, Helen Hunt, Robert De Niro-- these are just a handful of stars whose careers were launched by legendary indepedent film producers Roger Corman and Charles Band. Not together, of course-- the pair have long been independently running their own studios, New Horizons and Full Moon, competitively. In 2013 that changes as the pair comes together for a two...
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