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Terminator Genisys' Jason Clarke joins Helen Mirren in Winchester thriller

WINCHESTER , the upcoming thriller from the Spierig Brothers ( UNDEAD , DAYBREAKERS ) based on the true story of California's Winchester Mystery House, has already accomplished the world's biggest casting coup when it nabbed Helen Mirren to play the title role. No further casting announcements could possibly match that one, but it's still interesting to hear that some...
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Helen Mirren to star in the Spierig Brothers' Winchester

Having delivered their own take on zombie films with UNDEAD and vampire movies with DAYBREAKERS , sibling filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig are now preparing to show us what their version of a haunted house movie would be like. As announced last week , the brothers are at the helm of WINCHESTER ,  the strange and dramatic tale of Sarah Winchester, who was heir to...
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Hitchcock directs your attention to its Blu-ray release in March

Oscar bait HITCHCOCK , which stars Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, has not made a very big splash thus far in theaters (outside of praise for the lead performances) but it's likely to find more eyeballs in the home video market. Today we learn that 20th Century Fox has planned a MARCH 12th DVD/Blu-ray release for the Sacha Gervasi-helmed drama; we've also got the cover art for you on the...
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