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Guillermo del Toro gives Hellboy reboot his blessing

The last bit of news we shared with you guys on the HELLBOY reboot front was that new Hellboy David Harbour let slip that the new flick is set to start filming this September. With the project moving forward at such a brisk pace, I bet you're wondering (like I am ) what original HELLBOY filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro thinks of all this. Well, today I can finally share...
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Hellboy reboot starts shooting this September

One of the sadder bits of news we got in the last year or so was that Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman would not be re-teaming on  HELLBOY 3 . It sucked to hear that. Then we got the news that the series would be rebooted by Neil Marshall and things got a bit brighter! And then things got stranger... Get it? Yes, STRANGER THINGS' David Harbour was cast as the new...
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Hellboys Ron Perlman and David Harbour have detente dinner

Earlier this year, HELLBOY / HELLBOY II director Guillermo del Toro gathered Ron Perlman, the actor who played the heroic Hellboy in his films, and Hellboy comic book creator Mike Mignola together for a serious conversation about whether or not he would ever get to finish the HELLBOY trilogy he had planned. The result: the confirmation that del Toro's HELLBOY III will never be...
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Ron Perlman to star as a hitman who feels no pain in Grady

He may not be playing HELLBOY again, ever (we just have to accept it), but that doesn't mean Ron Perlman is giving up portraying unstoppable badasses. In fact, that is totally Perlman's brand most of the time. His latest will see him tackling the role of a killer who feels no pain - literally - in the action-thriller GRADY . The film is a hard-hitting yet heart felt...
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Hellboy reboot will be darker and more gruesome, says screenwriter

By now you're well aware of the fact Neil Marshall is overseeing a HELLBOY reboot , with Stranger Things' gruff Sheriff Hopper in talks to slap on the red make-up for the lead role. It would seem most people are bummed we're not getting a HELLBOY 3 from Guillermo del Toro, but if we're all honest with ourselves, it has long been clear that project was never going to take off. Reboots are...
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The Hellboy reboot will be rated R!

It was just yesterday that we shared the news HELLBOY was getting a reboot with Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT) at the helm and STRANGER THINGS star David Harbour in talks to put on the right hand of doom as the Hellboy. Well, if that wasn't cool enough news, today we have some new info straight from HELLBOY's creator himself that says the new reboot will be rated R!...
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Hellboy being rebooted! David Harbour to star, Neil Marshall to direct?

We'll take emotion out of this announcement for now and just focus on the facts: A new HELLBOY movie is in the works, but it won't be with Guillermo del Toro or Ron Perlman's involvement. Instead, Millennium Films is in negotiations with lauded genre filmmaker Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOOMSDAY, Game of Thrones) to take the reins on the movie, which would officially be a...
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Guillermo Del Toro says Hellboy 3 will not happen

HELLBOY 3 is officially never going to be made. Last month , it looked like there might be hope for the project, as HELLBOY and HELLBOY II director Guillermo Del Toro took a poll on his Twitter account asking if fans would be interested in seeing the sequel, which Del Toro, Hellboy himself Ron Perlman, and Hellboy comic book creator Mike Mignola had all previously said would...
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UPDATE! Guillermo del Toro is ready for a serious talk about Hellboy III

UPDATED with a tweet from Guillermo below! Although star Ron Perlman has remained enthusiastic about the idea of once again donning the makeup of heroic demon Hellboy, the chances of HELLBOY 3 ever happening have long seemed to be hovering somewhere between slim and none. Perlman, HELLBOY and HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY writer/director Guillermo del Toro, and Hellboy comic book...
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Ron Perlman talks Hellboy 3 story, still wants to do it

  Ron Perlman talking up HELLBOY 3 is nothing new. The actor time and time again has let it be known he's more than willing to brave the character's make-up again one last time in order to see the HELLBOY series completed properly. And, as you well know, it's quite apparent director Guillermo del Toro is too tied up with other projects to make it happen... not to mention the fact that...
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Ron Perlman talks Hellboy 3, says crowd-funding is not an option

You want HELLBOY 3 to happen, but you don't want it as badly as Ron Perlman does. The actor called upon his Twitter followers last week to voice their support for the long-awaited sequel, which doesn't appear to be close to happening any time soon, and he received a very enthusiastic response. Now the actor is talking up the film again, this time in person at the Monte Carlo Television...
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Hellboy 3, Sleepy Hollow 2 and more posters for sequels that were never made

If you're in L.A. next week and you're looking for some impressive movie poster art, look no further than iam8bit , a print gallery that'll be running a fun show called SEQUEL on November 13th. The show imagines posters for sequels that were never made, which I'm sure is something we've al done at one point or another. Below you'll see just a sample of what will be on display...
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