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Face-Off: House of 1000 Corpses Vs. The Devil's Rejects

Oh, we had a ton of crazed ghouls voicing their pissed-off opinions with our last Face-Off . Many felt that there was no way in hell or on earth that Army of Darkness could best Evil Dead 2. However, a few less frazzled readers were able to open their minds and see how Raimi's medieval third entry could gain the upper (metal)hand. Today's Face-Off concerns a horror filmmaker that's...
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Retro-styled trailer for It Came From Yesterday has old-school B-movie vibe

While most of us prefer the gore and T&A of the genre films we have grown up with, it's always fun to revisit the era which inspired the filmmakers that delivered the classics we all grew up with. These films of that classic era often featured cheesy monsters, ridiculous minatures, over-the-top acting and far-fetched plotlines, but over time have maintained their appeal. It is that...
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