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Trailer: Home invasion horror-thriller Jackals starring Stephen Dorff

Earlier today we brought you guys the new poster for horror comedy DEAD SHACK . In that post, I mentioned that the film had made its way onto my "must-see" list and now we have the new trailer for the home invasion thriller JACKALS , which based on this trailer has also now earned a spot on that list. I'm a big fan of home invasion flicks - especially ones where the...
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Will the same three masked-killers return in Strangers 2?

It wasn't too long ago now that we first shared the news the sequel to Bryan Bertino's classic home-invasion flick THE STRANGERS was finally set to be filmed this summer. A few weeks later we then shared some words per Bertino himself about how thrilled and excited he was about the sequel. Now we are starting to hear the real scoops from behind the scenes. Mainly will...
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Exclusive: Tricia Helfer stalked in new Isolation clip

Nice. This is my first time hearing about the upcoming horror-thriller ISOLATION, but call me intrigued as f*ck. The film stars BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's Tricia Helfer (see below) and Stephen Lang ( DON'T BREATHE ). That's a hell of a pairing! One an extra cool note, today here at AITH have an EXCLUSIVE clip to show you guys from the film. The clip showcases...
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Straw Dogs hits Criterion Edition Blu-ray this summer w/new special features

Sam Peckinpah is one of my favorite directors and his film STRAW DOGS is my favorite film of his. I saw it when I was WAAAYY too young and it made me think "Is this what all adult movies are like?" Thankfully, content-wise, the answer turned out to be no. It's really cool to report Straw Dogs will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 27 via The Criterion...
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It's the Booze Talkin; After 10 years, it's time for The Strangers 2!

We all have very specific fears that haunt us. Sometimes they are absolutely impossible… I don’t think Samara will be crawling out of anyone’s television. As well, very few of us are able to bring out some dude with knives for fingers from of our dreams. Then there is the frightening world of home invasion. The one place in the world where you’d hope to be safe...
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Mark Wahlberg's Home Invasion gets Expendables 3 director

The upcoming Mark Wahlberg flick  HOME INVASION sounds like a killer thriller, and now it has a director to usher it home. Attached to helm the project is Patrick Hughes, who first hit the scene in 2010 with the Ryan Kwanten Western RED HILL, which stirred up enough buzz for him to helm the gargantuan Hollywood action flick THE EXPENDABLES 3. I can't say I've seen...
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Mark Wahlberg signs on for a Home Invasion

Twenty years ago, Mark Wahlberg led a home invasion in the thriller FEAR. Now he has signed on to fend off a home invasion in a new thriller that is, very appropriately, going by the title HOME INVASION . The project is set up at Paramount, and in addition to starring in the film Wahlberg will also be producing it with Stephen Levinson. Described as " PANIC ROOM meets...
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Jason Patric and Natasha Henstridge endure a Home Invasion

The psychological thriller HOME INVASION seems to have moved through production as stealthily as a home invader, because it doesn't even have an IMDb page as of this writing. But rest assured, the film does exist, and it stars Natasha Henstridge, Jason Patric, and Scott Adkins. Sony Pictures will be providing very definite proof of its existence on February 2 nd, when they...
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Screen Gems nabs franchise hopeful Keep Watching, starring Bella Thorne

With her roles in the Scream TV series , McG's THE BABYSITTER, and the long-delayed AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne is becoming something of a genre regular. Screen Gems has now picked up the U.S. "and much of the world" distribution rights to another of Thorne's genre works, a film called KEEP WATCHING . The feature...
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Face-Off: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Vs. Unlawful Entry

I've never seen such a show of animosity towards both films that was on display with our last Face-Off . I suppose in terms of strong horror, Devil was too light and Quarantine was guilty of plagiarism. Perhaps it makes sense that the Face-Off ended in a tie? But we move on, regardless. For today's battle, we are taking a cue from the psycho-that-gets-welcomed-into-the-home scary...
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Face-Off: The Strangers Vs. The Purge

Everyone was in full agreement with the outcome of our last Face-Off , which had Rise of the Planet of the Apes rising over Peter Jackson's King Kong. Victory bananas to us all! Today's Face-Off invades your home by way of THE PURGE: ANARCHY , which opened this past Friday. In honor of that brand new flick, we are throwing the first one of the series into the ring and putting it...
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Idris Elba creeps on Taraji P. Henson in home invasion thriller No Good Deed

It was more than two years ago when we first brought you word on director Sam Miller's NO GOOD DEED when the film cast the always badass Idris Elba and the beautiful Taraji P. Henson for the home invasion thriller. Now we've got ourselves a good look at the film with the trailer below, and while it looks a bit clichéd (the set-up is something we've seen a hundred...
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