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New Goosebumps comic series coming this October!

It was just yesterday that we told you guys about R.L. Stine's FEAR STREET movie(s) getting the go ahead with HONEYMOON's Leigh Janiak writing and directing not one, but three new movies based on that teen horror novel series. In keeping with the Stine news, today we have word that there is an all-new comic book series coming our way this October, based on Stine's...
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The Craft remake is still moving forward

Andrew Fleming's THE CRAFT just celebrated its 21st birthday at the beginning of this month, and that lead me to thinking it has been forever and a day since we last heard anything on the Leigh Janiak-helmed remake of the 1996 bitch-witch classic.  Actually, the last thing we heard was that the remake was technically not even a remake at all and was set to be a sequel...
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Happy Bloody Birthday: The Craft turns 21 today!

“We are the weirdos, mister” Happy Birthday, THE CRAFT ! THE CRAFT is one of my favorite witch-flicks. Stick with me here. If you are one of those peeps that like to hate on THE CRAFT, well then you just gave yourself away as someone who never even bothered to see it because THE CRAFT is f*cking awesome. If not for the end witch-bitch battle, then you'll...
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Five Hidden Horror Gems on Netflix!

Often I will do posts about new horror movies that hit Netflix. I do this not only to keep you guys up to date on the cool shite that lands on the streaming service, but I also do it because, frankly, Netflix is notorious for slapping up great horror movies, and then not advertising them on the home page, or anywhere else of note. Most times I'm left searching through their entire horror...
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Honeymoon's Leigh Janiak to direct The Craft remake

Here’s an interesting one—Leigh Janiak, the mind behind last year’s fantastic indie HONEYMOON , has been set to write and direct a new version of THE CRAFT , reports THR. Sony is remaking the 1996 supernatural teen thriller, which will see Phil Graziadei co-write the script alongside Janiak. And interestingly enough, Doug Wick, who was one of THE CRAFT’s...
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DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE DATES: January & February 2015!

Happy New Year! While you're still working off your hangover, we've been updated our GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! January now has titles like Alexandre Aja's HORNS , Warner Bros' successful cash-grab ANNABELLE ,the baffling GNOME ALONE (for some reason, I feel I have to see it!) and the Stephen King revenge thriller BIG DRIVER ... Meanwhile, February is coming at...
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Eric Walkuski's Top 10 Horror/Thrillers of 2014!

As I noted in my Top 10 Holy Shit Horror Moments list, 2014 was a superb year for the horror and thriller genres, on both the independent and studio sides. Of course there were plenty of stinkers (again, from both sides), but let's not allow that fact of life from stopping our celebration of a very impressive output of thrills and chills. It wasn't easy narrowing down my Top 10 favorites; truth...
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Arrow in the Head's Top 10 Holy Sh!t Horror Moments of 2014!

WARNING SPOILERS IN ACTUAL LIST! Intro: 2014 was a good year for genre movies. So it goes that I had a lot to choose from when it came to compiling this Top 10 Holy Sh!t Horror Moments list. This isn't meant to be your definitive guide on which scenes had the most significant WTF?! factor this year, it's just an all-too-brief list of the sequences and images that made the biggest impact on me...
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The Arrow's Top 10 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thrillers of 2014!

Hola Hola! The end of the year is near and that means Top 10 lists up the wazoo on Arrow in the Head! Now, one thing that I noticed in 2014 is that a lot of the better genre films took the VOD highway and for some reason the films that I considered to be garbage, got wide releases and to add insult to injury made lots of money (i.e. my two worse films of 2014 on this list). Being that I mostly...
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Exclusive clip from Leigh Janiak's Honeymoon, in theaters & on VOD today!

On tap for ya this morning we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from Leigh Janiak's HONEYMOON , which arrives in theaters, on iTunes, and on VOD today. I've been stoked to check this one out ever since we saw the first creepy trailer for it back in July, and my anticipation for the flick only grew after our very own The Arrow flipped for it in his review HERE , calling it ' a sweet...
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Fall Preview! Top 15 Genre Flicks To See This Fall!

Ah, September. Not sure about you, but it always feels like a slight bummer when the ole' seasonal change occurs...when we're forced to pack-up the swimwear and sunscreen and pull-out the sweaters and schoolbooks. Oh well, 'tis inevitable. Of course, one of the great caveats of the shift from summer to fall (besides football season yo!) is all the kick-ass run of genre flicks all hurling at...
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Star-filled new poster for Honeymoon, starring Rose Leslie & Harry Treadaway

Leigh Janiak's debut film HONEYMOON will be leaving its mark in theaters next month, and to further get us excited about the mysterious chiller is a very cool new poster that looks to have taken a little inspiration from this UNDER THE SKIN poster. Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie star as a couple that takes new love to disturbing depths. With romance slowing giving way to...
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