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Necessary Evil: A Horror Movie Version of Suicide Squad

Welcome back, friends! I hope you're prepared for another round of horror that has to happen! Also hope you took the time to check out our last Necessary Evil in complete darkness ! Suicide Squad finally releases this Friday and we can all see what happens when the baddest of the bad in the superhero world fight for good. I've always thought that was a pretty...
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Cool Horror Videos: Horror Icons Do Have a Heart!

Who says horror villains don't hold a heart of gold?! I know one person who doesn't believe such to be true, the maker of this cool horror video we have below. In it you'll see many of our favorite horror icons: Freddy, Jason, Dracula, Chucky, the Mummy - as they show a little love to this wistful sound of "Silent Night." I personally have no idea why Darth Vader is present, but what...
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