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Stranger Things 2 gets new clip & awesome poster

We are counting down the days until Netflix finally releases the second season of The Duffer Brothers runaway hit series STRANGER THINGS . And thus far we have been given all kinds of good shite, including a VHS packaging for season one and a new trailer for season 2. And today we get a double dose of STRANGER THINGS 2 with an all-new clip and a bad ass poster. The...
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Stranger Things 2 spoofs Friday the 13th for new teaser

Hahahaha! Normally, we don't even bother to share "trailer teases" here at AITH. Actually, we don't even bother to watch them 9/10 times. But I'm glad I watched this one for the second season of STRANGER THINGS . You can check out the new classic trailer tease for STRANGER THINGS 2 below, along with the original trailer for FRIDAY THE 13TH which this...
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Michael Myers pops up in Stranger Things 2 clip

I know a lot of people tend to hate on Netflix's STRANGER THINGS quite a bit. And I can understand. Kinda. For the most part, I was less than enchanted by the series, but then I couldn't get parts out of my head. All involving Mike and his buddies. Especially Dustin. Leave the rest of the characters out of season 2, I say. Hopper can stay. Anyways, today we have...
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Stranger Things 2 gets new pics and EW covers

The last word we brought you guys on the upcoming season of Netflix's  STRANGER THINGS was a slick series of character posters - which, if you missed them - you can check out right HERE . Today, we have all-new pics of the cast of STRANGER THINGS 2 via Entertainment Weekly. And while there isn't anything write home to mother about, they do feature our first real...
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Stranger Things 2 gets 12 cool new character posters

"The photographer will look up and shout, 'Eyes to the right; be scared!' And I'll whisper... no."  - The 'What if Rob Lowe was in The Lost Boys' Guy below. The new season of STRANGER THINGS is all set to premiere exclusively on Netflix this Halloween and so far we have seen a pretty cool poster and a really cool trailer set to Michael...
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Stranger Things 2 trailer mixes Ghostbusters & Thriller

"Darkness falls across the land... The midnite hour is close at hand." Nice. Well, all those peeps who thought that the first season of STRANGER THINGS should have just been called 80s NOSTALGIA THINGS will no doubt be rolling their eyes to this new full trailer for season 2. All the rest of us are grinning ear to ear. I personally find the full trailer for...
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