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Movie Review: White God

PLOT: Troubled teen Lili (Zsofia Psotta) shares an unbreakable bond with her dog Hagen. But when Lili's father kicks the mangy mutt to the curb, an arduous journey of perseverance through the Hungarian streets leads to an unpredictably heartening reunion. REVIEW: Five years after leaving the festival circuit abuzz with his previous feature, 2010's TENDER SON: THE FRANKENSTEIN...
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Hungarian horror Bloody Night teases with new trailer

A new teaser trailer has arrived for Hakan Yildiz's slasher film BLOODY NIGHT and, wouldn't you know it, we have it for ya to check out below! The film, which was shot in Budapest, Hungary, features several rising Hungarian stars including Pau Maso, Anna Rust, Christoph Fortmann, as well as the director himself. Four university students travel to Budapest during the winter break...
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