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Will Smith says I Am Legend is his most successful film

In more unlikely news today, Will Smith has spoken up in an interview with Awards Chatter Podcast about  I AM LEGEND , of all things. The third of three films based on the classic Richard Matheson novella, it's also apparently his most artistically successful films. Go figure, right? He said: I’m obsessed with trying to put small character dramas into the middle...
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Top 10 Deadly Virus Flicks Part 2!

COOTIES. You hate 'em. I hate 'em. We all hate 'em. That said, the new horror comedy of the same name spreading around the globe this Friday looks to be like the most infectiously fun-filled deadly virus flick to come along in some time. Remember, way back in 2011, we ran down our list of Top 10 Deadly Virus flicks, and now, in honor of both COOTIES and the ever-metastasizing strain of the...
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Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Flicks!

Well well friends...can you believe it...the time is finally upon us. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is officially open for travel! And perhaps even more exciting than a 30-year wait finally ending, is just how universally beloved George Miller's latest is among critics across the globe. Hell, our very own E.Walk gave that sucker a perfect 10/10 score! Truth be told, with all the production delays and...
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I Am Legend reboot in the works at Warner Bros. with script from Gary Graham

After multiple attempts to produce a follow-up, it looks as if Warner Bros has finally found a way to extend the 2007 Will Smith-starring blockbuster I AM LEGEND into a potential franchise. Deadline is reporting that the studio is 'retrofitting' a script from unknown writer Gary Graham titled A GARDEN AT THE END OF THE WORLD, which was originally intended to be a science...
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Akiva Goldsman talks Dark Tower, says I Am Legend sequel not happening

If you've been sitting around patiently waiting for a sequel to 2007's Will Smith-starring I AM LEGEND then we've got some bad news for you: it's not gonna happen. But that is probably for the best as producer and writer Akiva Goldsman recently shared some of the ideas that were floating around for a prequel and sequel to I AM LEGEND with io9 and they are, to say the...
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Cool Horror Videos: Check out early make-up designs for Ridley Scott's I Am Legend

Years before Francis Lawrence and Will Smith brought it to the big screen, the film adaptation of Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND passed through several hands, including Ridley Scott's. Scott was in line to direct the film, while Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to play the last man on Earth, Robert Neville. Obviously, Scott vision never made it past the conceptual stage, but we can still...
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