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Mike Flanagan on I Know What You Did Last Summer remake & more

One of my favorite current horror directors is Mike Flanagan. The man has directed such new classics as ABSENTIA, OCULUS, OUIJA 2: ORIGIN OF EVIL, and of course, the Netflix original HUSH . I keep very much up-to-date on Flanagan so I wanted to share everything I've heard in the last week or so in one post for the sake of one quick read. First, we have news via BD about...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jennifer Love Hewitt

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT THEN : Do any of you remember the series Party of Five? I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched a single episode of the drama. So why is it that I’m so thankful for this damn show? It’s all about the horror. While many of the series’ cast members went on to do other things, like Matthew Fox and Scott Wolf, the ladies...
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Face-Off: Uncle Sam vs. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Next Monday is the Fourth of July, the time when those of us in the United States celebrate Independence Day, and I don't mean the Roland Emmerich movie that inspired last week's Face-Off . For this week's movie battle we're celebrating the holiday a few days early and pitting two slasher movies set around the Fourth of July against each other - it's the 1996 film UNCLE SAM , which came to...
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It's the Booze Talkin' We want more summer themed horror thrills and chills!

Horror movies are a must when August arrives, and especially as October comes sneaking in. Yet watching a good scary movie can, and should, be a year round event for lovers of all things creepy. Of course, with summer in full swing, it is not a genre that usually has crowds filling the seats at the local theatre. This year, THE CONJURING 2 has done rather well, but that’s really...
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Dissecting Writer Kevin Williamson!

KEVIN WILLIAMSON! Even more so than the venerated Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson is the absolute authority on all things SCREAM. He's the brain-trust. The mastermind. Not only did he conceive the whole reinvention of the meta, self-reflexive slasher template back in 1996, his winking post-modern twist on the all but moribund subgenre has expressed new life over two...
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Top 10 Horror/Thrillers To Watch This 4th of July!

So friends, got any killer plans for the upcoming 4th of July weekend? Gonna hit the beach, fire up the grill, throw a case of brew on ice and blast-off the high-wattage fireworks package? If so, that sounds goddamn lovely! However, allow us to offer a little alternative. After-all, you're likely going to need a little respite from the preponderance of bombs, booze and barbeques set to drop on...
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Face-Off: Prom Night Vs. I Know What You Did Last Summer

We had lots of differing opinions on the dystopian style Face-Off from two weeks ago, which had Doomsday easily besting The Book of Eli. Mr. Eli actually had some supporters with one even accusing me of selecting categories that favored only Doomsday. Not sure exactly how that works when some of the categories consisted of basic apocalyptic tropes such as "Wasteland" and "Hero", but hey,...
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Mike Flanagan takes on the remake for I Know What You Did Last Summer

While we’re still letting the news of Adam Wingard directing the I SAW THE DEVIL remake settle in, Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures is going to reboot, of all movies, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER . Yes, this is actually happening. The original 1997 film—which was based on Lois Duncan’s novel—certainly had its moments, delivering some solid...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Sarah Michelle Gellar!

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR THEN : The first time I sat down with the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1996 – 2003) I was instantly smitten with its star, Sarah Michelle Gellar. The series – based on the so-so feature film from 1992 – expanded the world of a peppy high school girl with abilities to battle "big bads." And as much as I loved Kristy Swanson who...
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I Know What You Did Last Summer helmer to direct survival thriller Take Down

Jim Gillespie, the man who brought us I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and the considerably less noteworthy VENOM , is set to return to the teen thriller genre with TAKE DOWN, reports Variety. The flick will feature an international cast of actors from the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East in what sounds like an action-suspense piece in the TOY SOLDIERS mold....
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