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Apps are a source of horror in studio projects Gasp and /reddoor

Welcome to the modern world, where apps are the newest thing to be terrified of. Paramount Pictures has decided they're not interested in making a FRIDAY THE 13TH movie and they're hesitant to greenlight a WORLD WAR Z sequel that would be directed by David Fincher, but they have just acquired a new genre project that centers on the dangers of apps. Offspring...
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Maniac director Franck Khalfoun creates a deadly app in i-LIVED trailer

  Well now, where the hell has i-LIVED been? The film, which comes from Franck Khalfoun, the wild Frenchman behind the MANIAC remake and the upcoming AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, was first announced over two years ago , but we've heard nary a peep since. Maybe because soon after said announcement, Khalfoun embarked on his AMITYVILLE odyssey, essentially purging i-LIVED from memory....
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Check out the early sales art for I-Lived; video message from director Franck Khalfoun

Earlier this month we brought you the news that MANIAC remake director Franck Khalfoun was gearing up to bring us a new dark thriller titled I-LIVED and today, just ahead of Cannes, we have a look at the early sales art for the film as well as a message from the director himself. Based on a script by Khalfoun, I-LIVED centers on... a young online app reviewer whose latest...
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Franck Khalfoun's next film to be I-Lived

It looks like MANIAC director Franck Khalfoun is set to helm I-LIVED which is based on his very own script. Per Deadline, Ehud Bleiberg, Alix Taylor and Pavlina Hatoupis are producing along with the director. Tiffany Boyle and Nicholas Donnermeyer are executive producing. Bleiberg Entertainment’s Compound B division kicks off sales next week in Cannes and principal photography...
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