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The Dark Tower spinoff TV show to feature Idris Elba, adapt Wizard and Glass

THE DARK TOWER is going multimedia, y'all! The Nikolaj Arcel-directed flick, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, will hit theaters on February 17, 2017 , but that won't be the end of the property. MRC and Sony Pictures will also be producing a 10 to 13 episode season of a spinoff series expanding the mythology of the DARK TOWER universe.  Presumably, that might change...
5 days ago
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There are other photos than these: New image of Jake from The Dark Tower

Although we won't be seeing any footage from Nikolaj Arcel's adaptation of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER until October, that doesn't mean we're going to be kept in the dark! Just today, young star Tom Taylor shared an image from the film on Twitter, depicting him in character as Jake Chambers, the Gunslinger's young sidekick. Before we can climb the...
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The first Dark Tower footage will premiere this October

Production on Nikolaj Arcel's adaptation of Stephen King's  THE DARK TOWER is complete, but we're not going to see any footage quite yet. That privilege will be reserved until a very Stephen King-appropriate date, on the weekend before Halloween. The footage is set to premiere at Entertainment Weekly's annual Popfest, which takes place in downtown Los...
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The Dark Tower wraps filming; Idris Elba's Gunslinger accent revealed

THE DARK TOWER has finished production, after shooting for fifteen weeks in South Africa and New York! Nikolaj Arcel's Stephen King adaptation is the subject of the July 22/29 edition of Entertainment Weekly , and they sat down with lead actor Idris Elba at Comic-Con to discuss his character, the Gunslinger. They may have completed shooting, but that doesn't mean he can...
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Roland and Jake travel Mid-World and NYC in The Dark Tower pics

Entertainment Weekly's coverage of director Nikolaj Arcel's upcoming adaptation of/ sequel to Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER saga is the gift that keeps on giving. Following the announcement that the movie would be the cover story on their July 22/29 special double issue, which is on stands and in the hands of subscribers right now, EW has flooded their website with DARK...
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The Dark Tower film will serve as a sequel to Stephen King's books

At one point, it looked like the novels in Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga were going to be getting direct adaptations, with the stories being told through both a series of films and a companion television series. Those plans had to be set aside, however, and while the filmmakers hope they will be able to return to those plans and that the story will continue beyond the THE...
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EW to explore Stephen King's The Dark Tower in upcoming issue

It's an event that many Stephen King readers were probably doubting would ever happen - the actors playing Roland Deschain and The Man in Black in a cinematic adaptation of the author's epic Dark Tower  saga are sharing the cover of an issue of Entertainment Weekly. The challenge of bringing King's series to the screen seemed insurmountable for a while there, but now a...
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Idris Elba and Jackie Earle Haley duke it out on the Dark Tower set

THE DARK TOWER is right in the thick of things, and photos are dropping from the set like bullet casings. JustJared managed to nab a whole slew of action sequences, depicting Idris Elba in character as Gunslinger Roland Deschain kicking ass and fighting Jackie Earle Haley as Sayre, the leader of the vampires. No McConaughey this time around, but these feats of strength and...
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Idris Elba's Roland spotted during The Dark Tower NYC filming

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." So begins The Gunslinger, the first novel in Stephen King's epic THE DARK TOWER saga. Switch out "the desert" for "New York City" and it appears that would describe the scenario director Nikolaj Arcel has recently been filming for his cinematic adaptation of THE DARK TOWER....
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Matthew McConaughey's Man in Black spotted on the set of The Dark Tower

When Matthew McConaughey was offered a part  in director Nikolaj Arcel's adaptation of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER saga, he was given his choice of two characters: he could play either the heroic Roland Deschain, or the villainous Man in Black. McConaughey opted to take on the role of the film's villain, and Idris Elba ended up being cast as Roland. We saw...
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Idris Elba shares a promotional image for The Dark Tower

As much as I enjoyed reading Stephen King's Dark Tower novels, my enthusiasm for the cinematic adaptation of the material has taken a major dive since it became clear that THE DARK TOWER movie is going to mish-mash of plots and characters from throughout the entire saga. Still, I remain curious to see how it turns out. Production on THE DARK TOWER is currently underway with...
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The Dark Tower may upset fans, warns Stephen King

Hardcore King fans beware, THE DARK TOWER movie might be cause for alarm. In a recent Entertainment Weekly podcast, King spoke about the upcoming film adaptation of his popular book series, which is currently in production, directed by Nikolaj Arcel. In it, he stated that the film "may upset some of the fans a little bit. [It] starts sort of in media res, in the middle...
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