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Aliens collect brains and babies in exclusive Beyond Skyline clip

Today we have an EXCLUSIVE clip to share with you from director Liam O'Donnell's BEYOND SKYLINE , a sequel to the 2010 alien invasion film SKYLINE , and contained within the 2 minutes of this clip is quite a twisted tale. It starts off with a woman who has been captured by the alien invaders going into a labor, which is the stuff of nightmares already. But things get even...
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A strange blue light causes trouble in Beyond Skyline clip

Director Liam O'Donnell's BEYOND SKYLINE , which is a sequel to the 2010 alien invasion film SKYLINE , is now playing in select theatres and is also available for viewing on VOD platforms. If you haven't checked the film out yet and need further enticement, or if you need something to hold you over until it's released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 8 th, a new clip has...
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Beyond Skyline (Movie Review)

PLOT: During an alien invasion, a grizzled ex-cop teams up with a frazzled train conductor to find his kidnapped son, trapped aboard a UFO. REVIEW: I had written a list of the bizarre, inexplicable things that happen in BEYOND SKYLINE with the intention of sharing some of them with you here, just to give you an idea of the film's complete devotion to being as bonkers as...
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The alien invasion continues as Beyond Skyline gets a new trailer

We have recently shared a couple trailers for BEYOND SKYLINE , director Liam O'Donnell's sequel to the 2010 alien invasion movie SKYLINE . A new domestic trailer has now arrived online, and while it starts out looking very similar to the trailers we saw last month and in August , hang in there - this is a different trailer with plenty of different shots and glimpses of...
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Check out the new poster for Beyond Skyline starring Frank Grillo

The last bit of news we brought you guys on the upcoming sequel to the sci-fi semi hit flick SKYLINE was an all-new trailer for the film, which you can view below. And today we have the official poster for BEYOND SKYLINE . While the poster isn't necessarily something anyone but the director's mother will be hanging on their wall, it does give us a good us a good idea of the...
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Frank Grillo & Iko Uwais battle aliens in new trailer for Beyond Skyline

A few weeks back we brought you guys the all-new trailer for BEYOND SKYLINE starring Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais and if that trailer wasn't enough to get you ready to rumble with the aliens again, then maybe this new Indonesian trailer will do the trick. Even though I wasn't the biggest fan (by any means) of the original SKYLINE flick, this sequel looks like it could be...
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Trailer arrives for Beyond Skyline, starring Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais

Whether or not you liked the first SKYLINE , which was directed by the Brothers Strause and released in 2010, the upcoming sequel BEYOND SKYLINE holds its own appeal, offering the chance to see the badass Frank Grillo ( THE PURGE: ANARCHY , THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR ) and the badass Iko Uwais ( THE RAID , THE RAID 2 ) team up to fight off alien invaders. Written and directed by...
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Trailer: The Raid star Iko Uwais is back in action for Headshot

What is HEADSHOT ? It's a new action movie starring Iko Uwais of THE RAID and THE RAID 2 . If you're like me, that's already enough to get you on board to watch HEADSHOT when it's released on March 3rd , but if you want to know a little more (and if you want to watch the glimpse of the film's story and violence that's offered by the trailer),...
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Blair Witch and Sadako vs. Kayako among TIFF Midnight Madness films

The 41st Toronto International Film Festival is scheduled to run from September 8th to 18th, and as part of that event comes the Cineplex Entertainment-sponsored Midnight Madness line-up of "excessive, unrelenting, weird, and wild films". Midnight Madness kicks off with the opening night film FREE FIRE (pictured above), from KILL LIST director Ben Wheatley, and...
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Gareth Evans says The Raid 3 isn't happening anytime soon

Gareth Evans delivered two of the most badass films in recent memory with his Indonesian martial arts masterpieces THE RAID and its sequel THE RAID 2 , and fans have been clamoring for another RAID film from the in-demand director. But with the gangster film BLISTER in the works, as well as a heist picture he's developing at Universal, it seems that a third chapter in THE RAID...
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Gareth Evans' The Raid 2 Blu-ray details!

Gareth Huw Evans’ THE RAID 2 is bringing a beat down to Blu-ray as his action-packed martial arts epic will hit shelves on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on July 8th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The Blu-ray and DVD will include an English dub of the film as well as the original language version (Indonesian). The Blu-ray will also come loaded with extra content, allowing...
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Check out a mud slinging prison brawl in this clip from The Raid 2

Gareth Evans' THE RAID 2 hit limited theaters last month on March 28 and if you were disappointed to learn that it wasn't playing in a theater near you fret not as this ass-kicking, balls-to-the-wall sequel is set to finally go a bit wider across the U.S. and finally hit cinemas in Canada starting tomorrow. To celebrate we have a brand new clip showcasing a mud-slinging prison...
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