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Two trailers for the second season of BBC's In The Flesh

I've yet to catch the first season of BBC's zombie series "In the Flesh" , but I've heard good things. Apparently others dug it, because a second season is stumbling along next month, this one a six-parter. (Season One was only three episodes.) Here's are two trailers for the new season, which airs on BBC Three on May 8th and BBC America on May 10th. Find them below. Here's...
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Watch three minutes of BBC's zombie show In The Flesh

BBC America's new "3-night Zombie Event", "In The Flesh" , airs this week, and to help dig up your curiosity, the channel has just unveiled the first three minutes of the first episode, which you can watch below. BBC is already working on a second season of the zombie show; that will air sometime next year.  IN THE FLESH follows zombie teenager Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry)...
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BBC America to air zombie series In The Flesh in June

The zombie-themed BBC mini-series "In The Flesh" aired in the UK back in March to some pretty good reviews. Recently BBC America had announced that they had scheduled the series to air in August, but probably came to the realization that we Yanks aren't the patient type and have now bumped up the US premiere to early June. Details below! IN THE FLESH is set four...
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Learn more about BBC Three's In The Flesh with this featurette

The good ol' folks in the UK will have the chance to check out BBC Three's upcoming zombie series IN THE FLESH this Sunday, March 17th, and there's an all new featurette that digs deeper into just what the show is about. I still think IN THE FLESH sounds like a pretty cool little series because it's a completely new take on the zombie genre which isn't easy to do these days — that...
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Know your undead facts with this new promo for the BBC's In The Flesh

Just a couple of days back we shared the latest trailer for BBC's IN THE FLESH with you, and today we have a cool new promo piece for the three-part series that explains the facts of the undead uprising and encourages you to relax...everything is under control. IN THE FLESH is set four years after the Rising when the government starts to rehabilitate the Undead back into the...
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New trailer for BBC's zombie series In the Flesh comes walking in

An all new trailer has arrived for IN THE FLESH , BBC's new zombie series, and it contains all sorts of new footage. It's a much more effective trailer and gives you a good sense of how the series is going to play out. It's definitely much darker than I was expecting which comes as a pleasant surprise. His script begins after the Zombie Uprising has been quelled by the Human Volunteer...
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Board up the windows, BBC's zombie series In the Flesh gets first trailer!

We got wind of a new zombie series in development from BBC way back in May called IN THE FLESH and now we've got the very first trailer for you guys to check out. Developed by Dominic Mitchell, the story is a three-part limited series where zombies are treated and rehabilitated back into society. You gotta give BBC and Mitchell credit here for taking the all too familiar genre and turning...
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