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Top 10 Foreign Horror Flicks of 2013!

Happy New Years fellow Arrow in the Headers...here's to a killer 2014! But before we officially toss out the calendar for a new one, you know the deal, now's the time for all kinds of end of year reflections, retrospectives, best-of lists and top 10s of various degrees. But instead of giving you an outright list of 10 horror favorites from 2013 (The Arrow has you covered there), we thought why...
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Mo Brothers' Killers slaying sales

It's been a while since we heard anything on the Mo Brothers long-anticipated KILLERS. Way back in 2011 we reported that the film had been put on hold , with the directing duo working instead on a project called GODDAMN F*CKING GHOULS, but with little-to-no-movement (or news) on that particular piece, the Mo Brothers found time to get back to work on KILLERS and today we have some news...
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