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Insidious: The Last Key rated PG-13 for violence and terror

Normally if I were here today sharing the news that a horror flick I'm looking forward to checking out just got slapped with a PG-13 rating by the MPAA, I'd be a bit on the moppy side. But when we're talking about the newest entry in the INSIDIOUS franchise. It's all good. Yes, INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA for "disturbing...
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Trailer proves that Insidious 4 isn't just another Chapter

Over the weekend, it was revealed that the British Board of Film Classification had approved a trailer for the next INSIDIOUS sequel, and there was a touch of strangeness to the film's listing on the BBFC website: it had a different subtitle than we've come to expect. We've had INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 , establishing that entries in this series were going to be...
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Universal Studios' Insidious maze is like a living trailer for Chapter 4

The INSIDIOUS franchise will continue with the release of INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 on January 5th, 2018 , but if you want a sneak preview of the next sequel/prequel this Halloween season Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights event is the place to be. On September 15th, the park will open up an all-new horror maze called Insidious: Beyond the Further , which is...
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Bear McCreary to score Blumhouse's Half to Death

Recently we learned that INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 was being pushed from its October release date to January 2018 to, supposedly, make room for Blumhouse's other horror offering HALF TO DEATH, from director Christopher Landon (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES, SCOUT'S GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE). HALF TO DEATH centers on "a woman who’s trapped in a vicious...
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Insidious: Chapter 4 moves to January 2018

Well, this sucks... Turns out all of us fans of the INSIDIOUS franchise are going to have to wait even longer now for the next entry in the franchise. Deadline reports today that INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 is moving from it's original October 20th date (no INSIDIOUS this Halloween? Urgh.) to a more "meh" release date of January 5th, 2018.  Oh, no. January. The...
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Top 10 Genre Movies To See in 2017!

Meddy New Year friends and frequenters! Can you believe 2017 is officially on the brink? Insane, right? It seems every year grows shorter and shorter. Be that as it may, it's now time to look ahead, to start anew, to refocus on what's to come in the next 12 months. And that, of course, also includes horror flicks, genre joints, movies of every stripe. And seemingly more than most, the year...
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Lin Shaye is back in action for first Insidious: Chapter 4 image

Every once in a while, Lin Shaye will pick up a lantern and take a stroll through The Further, that dark realm filled with tortured souls. The time has come for another trip into The Further in INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 , which THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN 's Adam Robitel has directed from a screenplay by INSIDIOUS 1 / 2 / 3 writer Leigh Whannell. Earlier this month , Shaye...
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Lin Shaye reveals the timeline, plot details of Insidious: Chapter 4

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 has already wrapped principal photography, but we won't get a chance to scope it out until next year. Fortunately, we have Daily Dead , who spoke with franchise star Lin Shaye about the project. Shaye was quite open, revealing aspects of Leigh Whannell's script that we certainly haven't heard before: [The film] goes back to Elise’s...
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Production has wrapped on Insidious: Chapter 4

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 , the next entry in the surprisingly consistent INSIDIOUS franchise that began in 2010, is being helmed by Adam Robitel ( THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN ) from a script by series screenwriter (and CHAPTER 3 director) Leigh Whannell. That's the first time somebody other than James Wan or Whannell has tackled an entry, but so far it seems to be...
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Insidious: Chapter 4 adds Acevedo, Davison, Locke, and Gerard

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 is currently filming, with THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN 's Adam Robitel becoming the latest director to guide us into The Further, taking over the helm from James Wan (who directed INSIDIOUS and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 ) and Leigh Whannell (who has written all of the films and directed INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 ). Details on this fourth chapter in the...
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Josh Stewart to face the horrors of Insidious: Chapter 4

THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN director Adam Robitel is preparing to follow James Wan and Leigh Whannell into The Further, having signed on to helm INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 , and he has secured the first new member of the cast that he's going to be taking into that dimension of spirits and demons with him. Josh Stewart, who genre fans may know from the Marcus Dunstan films THE...
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Insidious: Chapter 4 lands director, will haunt theaters October 2017

The INSIDIOUS franchise is one of  the  premiere horror series in cinemas right now. Led by James Wan's taut original that squeezed every last drop out of a PG-13 rating and followed by a much weaker Part 2 , then course corrected by a surprisingly decent prequel , the INSIDIOUS movies have been all over the map. However, they're never anyting less than intriguing...
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