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Into The Forest (Movie Review)

PLOT: When a nationwide power outage sets humanity back a couple centuries, two sisters hole up in their secluded wooded home and learn to subsist off the land. REVIEW: Following an eight year respite from the silver screen (KIT KITTREDGE: AN AMERICAN GIRL), nomadic Canadian filmmaker Patricia Rozema has struck newfound inspiration by wandering INTO THE FOREST - a grandly...
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Trailer takes you Into the Forest with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood

Author Jean Hegland's 1996 novel INTO THE FOREST , described as an "apocalyptic coming-of-age story", has received a cinematic adaptation from writer/director Patricia Rozema, and a trailer has arrived online to give us an idea of what Rozema has done with the material. Judging by the 90 seconds on display in the video below, Rozema appears to have delivered a fascinating...
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Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood survive the apocalypse in Into The Forest

The end of the world is coming yet again in a film adaptation of Jean Hegland's INTO THE FOREST , which will star Ellen Page (JUNO, pictured right) and Evan Rachel Wood (THE WRESTLER, pictured below). The two will play sisters attempting to survive the breakdown of society. Here's a description of the novel: Set in the near-future, Into the Forest focuses on the relationship...
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Ellen Page set to walk Into The Forest in new post-apocalyptic thriller

Lilliputian cutie Ellen Page is headed INTO THE FOREST ... Variety has broken the news that, yes, Ms. Page (seen below) will star in the post-apocalyptic thriller INTO THE FOREST, based on the novel by Jean Hegland. Since the news was broken via Twitter, not a whole lot more is known at this time. Who will direct, produce, co-star...all up in the air at this point. As for the...
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