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Mobile Horror App Reviews: World War Z, Syberia, Zombie Derby

With the release of Brad Pitt's Big Budget Zombie Movie (which also borrows the name from a certain best seller known as World War Z) we of course had to review the FPS game adapatation of the film. Mix in a murder mystery and another zombie game and we've got a pretty well rounded out set of fun games for you to enjoy this month. (Note: All games are tested on one or more...
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Mobile Horror App Reviews: Emilly in Darkness, Fangz, Haunting Melissa

This month up we’ve got 2 solid horror games for you to enjoy and one new media experience that fell short. Each of the games are available on both major mobile formats and there are no zombies to follow up last month’s zombie extravaganza!  We have an adventure game, and a solid side scroller for your enjoyment and mine! (Note: All games are tested on one or more...
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Mobile Horror App Reviews: House of the Dead, Please Stay Calm, Zombie Invasion

Gamers on the go I welcome you to another round of the Mobile Horror App Reviews! This month around we have a range of games to go over. A console port that quite a few gamers should recognize, a new (to Android at least) location based game that pits you against the undead wherever you may be and was a smash hit on iOS, and an Android exclusive point and click puzzle game! The one...
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Mobile Horror App Reviews: Alien vs Predator, Undead Slayer, Fighting Fantasy

Welcome to the first installment of Mobile Horror App Reviews where our goal is to bring you the latest release information on horror themed mobile apps! I’ll be reviewing 3 horror apps each month and give you the lowdown on what you should be keeping your eyes out to download to your phones and tablets!  (Note: All games are tested on one or more of the following devices:...
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The Walking Dead releases a "Dead Yourself" app

Tired of waiting for season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD to renew February 10th? Well, maybe its time to fill your undead void with the show's latest official app. Dead Yourself is an app for the iPhone and Facebook that, of course, allows its user to alter a photo of themselves to varying degrees of zombification. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting dolled up like the undead:...
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Texas Chainsaw 3D gets yet another still and releases an app tie-in

Time to start out another day with an obligatory TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D story. We've got a new still from the slasher flick and news of a movie making app tie-in for your reading pleasure. The new still is a pretty simple affair. A snapshot of Alexandra Daddario standing in a bloody kitchen more or less speaks for itself, doesn't it? The pic is accompanied by the caption "Horror...
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