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IT: Pennywise was going to eat a baby in deleted scene

A few months back we got a scoop on a deleted scene from STEPHEN KING'S IT that centered around Bill Skarsgard before becoming Pennywise and today we have a bit more info on said scene. The info comes from the podcast "Throwing Shade" where the guy hosting the episode, Bryan Safi, and his guest, Timothy Simons, reveal they auditioned for the role eventually played...
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Could Stephen King's IT become a trilogy?

As we all know by now, STEPHEN KING'S IT is a f*cking massive book and the film we got this past September is only Part I of II. And this was always the plan the producers have said. But since then there has been a rumor floating about that the second film in the series IT: CHAPTER 2 will be split in two (ala THE HOBBIT) making for an epic horror movie trilogy. And...
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