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Dissecting Stanley Kubrick!

STANLEY KUBRICK! If there were ever a Mount Rushmore of feted film directors - American or otherwise - the late great Stanley Kubrick would have to be interminably etched on its facade. In my eyes, the all but peerless visual maestro is right up there with Welles, Hitchcock and perhaps D. W. Griffith...certainly in terms of the way they all molded, altered and...
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Cool Horror Gear: Horror legos, including Freddy, Norman Bates and Ghostface!

These sure are delightful: UK toy company Minifigs has made a custom series of Legos based on classic horror movie villains to help promote the release of YOU'RE NEXT. You've got Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, Norman Bates, Jack Torrance, Michael Myers and the Fox Mask intruder from YOU'RE NEXT. So cool! Just a guess: These won't last very long, so visit Minifigs.me to learn more...
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