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Witching and Bitching heads to home video in October

The insanity of Alex de la Iglesia’s horror-comedy WITCHING AND BITCHING pretty much speaks for itself, something we quickly found out when its first trailer hit last year. After making the festival rounds and seeing it hit limited theaters as well as VOD platforms, IFC is finally dishing out Iglesia’s clownshit insane film about a couple of dudes who find themselves the...
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New poster for Alex de la Iglesia's Witching & Bitching

We've been keeping an eye on Alex de  la Iglesisa's WITCHING & BITCHING, a batshit insane-looking flick that will be hitting theaters and VOD on June 13, and now we have the latest topsy-turvy poster to bring your way which will flip things on their heads. Earlier this month we hit you with the insane U.S. trailer for WITCHING & BITCHING, which stars Mario Casas, Hugo Silva,...
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U.S. trailer for Alex de la Iglesia's Witching & Bitching, arriving in June

We've been keeping you up-to-date on director Alex de la Iglesia's WITCHING & BITCHING, a new horror-comedy that looks completely batshit insane. We learned that IFC Midnight had scooped up the North American rights to this fun-looking flick back in December of last year and now the film, which closed out TIFFs Midnight Madness last year, is headed to theaters and VOD on...
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IFC Midnight is Witching & Bitching, takes North American rights

We’ve been excited to peep Alex de la Iglesia’s insane-looking WITCHING & BITCHING ever since we first saw the badass trailer for the flick way back in March, and now our wait is close to being over as Variety is reporting that IFC Midnight has scooped up North American rights to the comedic fright film. The silly, manic tale of witchcraft and the battle of the...
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New poster and Spanish language red-band trailer for Witching & Bitching

We've been keeping a close eye on Alex de la Iglesia's upcoming WITCHING & BITCHING, bring you the first bizarre and badass trailer earlier this year and then following that up with a second trailer and some batty stills a few months later. And while the film opened in theaters overseas this fall, we're still awaiting word on when North American audiences will get...
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TIFF's Midnight Madness adds Witching & Bitching

Do you guys remember that bat-shit crazy trailer we showed you for Alex De La Iglesia's latest flick WITCHING & BITCHING (Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi) back in July? Of course you do! How could you forget something as ridiculous as that? Just in case you were one of the unlucky few to miss out on the trailer for WITCHING & BITCHING, check that shit out right HERE ! It...
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