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The Purge creator James DeMonaco to Take Back the Night

THE PURGE creator James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed the first three films in that franchise, isn't directing the upcoming PURGE prequel (although he is producing it and wrote the screenplay), and while director Gerard McMurray shepherds that project toward the big screen DeMonaco has been setting up a non-PURGE horror project. DeMonaco is attached to produce, with his...
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Jason Blum on what we can expect from The Purge TV series

News has been ramping up for the upcoming Blumhouse prequel to THE PURGE called THE PURGE: THE ISLAND . We recently learned the film will be set on Staten Island and will depict the very first experimental Purge Night. But what's going on with THE PURGE: TV SERIES ?  Turns out it is still going strong and heading our way soon. In fact, producer Jason Blum recently...
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Y'lan Noel and Lex Scott Davis to star in prequel The Purge: The Island

The next entry in the PURGE franchise is going to be a prequel that takes us back to the beginning of the Purge, that twelve hour period when all crime is legal in the United States. After the ending of THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR , a prequel seemed like the best option to keep the series going, and PURGE creator James DeMonaco recently provided some information on the prequel that has...
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Purge: The Island depicts first, experimental Purge Night on Staten Island

I'm not the biggest fan of THE PURGE . The first film specifically. I have not seen the second or the third. Nothing against them, life is short and I've got tons of TWIN PEAKS to rewatch. Regardless of what I think, or don't think of THE PURGE flicks, they seem to be super popular with the masses so who am I to judge? Exactly. With that in mind today we have news that...
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The Purge 4 gets a new director in Gerard McMurray

Well, it looks like not only is THE PURGE 4 happening, but today we have word that the series will - for the very first time - sport a director other than series creator James DeMonaco. Turns out Gerard McMurray will be taking on the next annual Purge, and if you're not familiar with the name, no worries, the guy is pretty new on the scene.  His film BURNING SANDS...
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The Purge TV series will reveal what happens the other 364 days of the year

It was only a few weeks ago that we hit you guys with the new there was a TV series in the works based on Blumhouse's THE PURGE film series. Today we have some cool new info on the film via Deadline and Blumhouse head honcho himself, Jason Blum. First off, THE PURGE TV Series is set to run two separate networks! Crazy, right? Yes, it is a bit unconventional but all the...
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Blumhouse is developing a Purge TV series for USA and Syfy

Blumhouse Productions is one of the biggest names in horror these days, and having successfully conquered cinema they are now setting their sights on doing the same with television. The company has launched their own independent TV studio with the backing of ITV Studios and intends to finance and produce both scripted and unscripted genre shows. The first genre show Blumhouse Television...
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Frank Grillo may be done with the Purge franchise

I enjoyed THE PURGE , but THE PURGE: ANARCHY took the franchise to a whole new level, and a lot of what made the sequel such an entertaining experience was the presence of Frank Grillo in the cast as tormented ass-kicker Sergeant - a character I basically saw as being Marvel's The Punisher, dropped into the PURGE world. With Sergeant's story being wrapped up at the end...
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The Purge 4 and a Purge TV show are in development

Each PURGE movie makes more money than the previous, so it's a given that writer/director James DeMonaco's franchise is going to continue in some way. However, after watching THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR I was convinced that the most satisfying way forward would be to go backward and make a prequel about the early days of The Purge, that  annual 12-hour period in...
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Purge: Election Year just became the highest grossing film in the franchise

So much for THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR being the final film in the PURGE franchise. That promise always seemed a little premature, but the film just became the highest grossing entry of the series, so I don't see why they wouldn't greenlight a part 4. That's right, ELECTION YEAR just passed $114.2 million in the global box office, as opposed to the original PURGE 's...
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The Purge: Election Year is nominated onto the Blu-Ray ticket this October

Just in time for our actual election, THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR will come barreling onto home video like a massive boulder of political satire. You can vote for the New Founding Fathers to join your collection on October 4th . Special features haven't been announced yet, but we'll let you know as soon as they rev up their chainsaws. Check out the trailer for ELECTION YEAR below!...
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The Purge beat a freaking Spielberg movie in last night's box office

This has been a great summer for horror movies. THE CONJURING 2 opened at number 1. THE SHALLOWS made a surprising splash. And now, this 4th of July weekend we have THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR . The Thursday night box office numbers have rolled in, and guess what. So far, it's the biggest new movie of the weekend. At $3.64 million, it beat out TARZAN (no duh) at $2.55 million...
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