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New US trailer for Cockneys vs. Zombies

With COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES getting set to stumble into US theaters on August 2nd, we figured a fancy new trailer featuring hordes of flesh-eaters would be highly appropriate. Still no word when we'll see this one hitting VOD platforms and all that jazz but we'll be sure to let you fine folks know once the word hits. The flick was written by James Moran and helmed by...
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UK horror-comedy Cockneys vs. Zombies hitting US theaters in August

Back in November of last year we shared the news that Shout! Factory had acquired the gore-drenched U.K. comedy-horror COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES for distribution in the U.S. and Canada and today, five long months later, we finally have news on when you will be able to see it in the theaters...if you live in the U.S of A, that is. COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES will hit select theaters in the U.S....
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Web series Marble Hornets flying to big screen

Popluar web series MARBLE HORNETS, whose YouTube channel has more than 250,000 subscribers with over 55 million views of its 65 episodes, has just been tapped to become a feature length horror film from production company Mosaic, Variety has reported. Joining Mosaic on the production is Kirill Baru and John Zaozirny with James Moran, the second unit director on the past three...
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