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Production has wrapped on Sick for Toys, produced by Jimmy O!

One of the films I am looking forward to checking out asap is writer-producer James Oster's new movie  SICK FOR TOYS , directed by David Del Rio. The last word we brought you guys on the flick was that filming had begun back in January, and today we can confirm the film has wrapped production! To mark the occasion we have not only some new first look stills to...
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Oklahoma premiere set for The Harvesters, produced by JimmyO

Writer/director Nick Sanford's Halloween-set horror film THE HARVESTERS had its world premiere in Los Angeles back in October , but given the fact that the movie was shot entirely in Oklahoma it's only fair that it would get a special Oklahoma premiere as well. THE HARVESTERS was filmed in the towns of Purcell, Tuttle, Newcastle, Bridge Creek, and Moore, and...
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Exclusive: The Harvesters and Audiojack team to bring Halloween to your ears

The premiere of Nick Sanford's  THE HARVESTERS , the horror flick produced by our very own JimmyO, is coming up, and as if that weren't exciting enough, Broadcast Pictures and Flicks For Fans have teamed with the Audiojack app for a totally unique Halloween HARVESTERS experience. To add to the Halloween spirit the team at Audiojack made a special creation that...
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Exclusive: Trailer debut and premiere announcement for The Harvesters

Just in time for this year's Autumn equinox, a holiday Wiccans call Feast of Mabon and celebrate with the Harvest Festival, today we are proud to host the EXCLUSIVE debut of the trailer for writer/director Nick Sanford's THE HARVESTERS , a Halloween-set horror film that was co-produced by our own James "JimmyO" Oster. Coinciding with the release of this trailer, Broadcast...
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Halloween horror flick The Harvesters begins principal photography

Some cool news coming out of Oklahoma today, where a spate of horror movies (HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT, CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY) recently called their home of late. THE HARVESTERS , the Kickstarter-funded picture that claims our own James "Jimmy O" Oster as one of its producers, commenced production in the Sooner State on Monday, April 4th. Production is expected to last until April...
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You can lend a hand to The Harvesters, produced by JimmyO

When it was announced last month that pre-production had begun on writer/director Nick Sanford's mystery/horror film THE HARVESTERS , January 18th was mentioned as a very important date for the project. The date when its crowdfunding campaign would go live on Kickstarter. That month-long campaign is now underway, with the filmmakers seeking to raise $32,835, which will go toward...
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Opening sequence from The Harvesters, produced by our own Jimmy O!

A few weeks ago, we brought you the killer news that JoBlo/Arrow in the Head writer James "Jimmy O" Oster was involved with the horror flick THE HARVESTERS , on which he's serving as a producer. The film is moving along nicely, as evidenced by the below clip: the film's opening sequence! That's right, you can check out the eerie way THE HARVESTERS opens right now, complete with an intro...
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Pre-production begins on The Harvesters, produced by JimmyO

Broadcast Pictures has officially announced the commencement of pre-production on writer/director Nick Sanford's THE HARVESTERS , which is being produced by Laurie Cummings, Paul Lister, and our own JimmyO, James Oster. Described as a haunting mystery, THE HARVESTERS will utilize old fashioned filmmaking techniques while pushing them in a bold and exciting new direction. ...
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Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D

The Arrow will be seeing the film this weekend. Expect his review up soon! PLOT : When a young woman finds that she was adopted upon hearing of the death of her blood grandmother, she heads out to Texas with friends in tow to find out what she has inherited. Besides the realization that she now has a large estate, she also discovers that she has a bloody family history and a...
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