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Ryuhei Kitamura splatters bodies across the asphalt in Downrange trailer

Just over a week ago, we shared the announcement that VERSUS / GODZILLA: FINAL WARS / THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN / NO ONE LIVES director Ryuhei Kitamura had taken the helm of DOWNRANGE , "a minimalist thriller with maximum tension". DOWNRANGE is expected to be released sometime in 2018, but it has since been revealed that some lucky viewers are going to be getting the...
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Ryuhei Kitamura will take horror Downrange in 2018

Director Ryuhei Kitamura first came to my attention when I saw a screening of his bonkers action/crime zombie film VERSUS in the midst of a 24 hour zombie movie marathon in 2003. That movie was so entertaining, especially in a marathon setting with a crowd laughing and cheering at all the right places, that I was on board to follow Kitamura's career wherever it went from there. It...
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Terrordactyl lands On Demand and Digital HD today

The creature feature TERRORDACTYL is available on Digital HD and On Demand as of today, and the trailer appears to promise a film that's either just as much silly fun as you'd hope something with that title to be, or a movie that's way better than you would expect something called TERRORDACTYL to be, depending on your reaction to that moniker. Directed by Don Bitters...
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