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Deep Blue Sea & Jaws Quadrilogy hit Netflix September 1st

It's been a while since I gave you guys a heads up on the fright flicks coming to, or currently available on Netflix. My bad. Actually, I told you Spike's THE MIST series hits the service soon so fair enough. Anyhow, to sum up I like to do these posts because Netflix has a dirty, dirty habit of slapping up quality horror films and not letting anyone know about it. Forcing...
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Top 10 Horror Movie News Articles this Week June 19th-23rd

Welcome to the AITH: TOP 10 NEWS for the week May 15th-19th, 2017 . This week we caught our first glimpse of Dakota Johnson in SUSPIRIA, learned Tom Hardy would face-off with Carnage in Venom, Stephen King's IT scored an R-rating, and much, much more! If you missed something this week, or just feel like going back through and seeing which bits and pieces of news hit...
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The F*ckin Black Sheep: Jaws The Revenge (Video)

Just a few days ago, we celebrated the birthday of 42-year-old JAWS , the greatest movie of all time. (Not up for debate.) We also recently took a look at every kill in the JAWS franchise; those sharks were hungry and racked up quite a bill. So in keeping with the toothy theme, we're going to revisit what is considered the worst film in the franchise. Actually, it's often in the...
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Happy 42nd Birthday Jaws!

Happy Birthday, JAWS! You know, it's been a while since we've done one of these Happy Birthday posts here at AITH and what better time to bring the series back than with what is debatably the greatest horror film ever made: JAWS . I don't know about you but JAWS is still the reason that I don't like going to the beach. Or swimming in pools. Or taking baths....
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Every kill in the Jaws Quadrilogy

It's summer time and you know what that means! Staying as far away from the f*cking water as possible. Yes, while friends and family flock in droves to the beach, we hide behind our sofas and pray for their well-being. Maybe some of us have the guts to go along with them - after all, that beer ain't gonna drink itself on the beach. And, hell, maybe even some of us...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jaws star, Lorraine Gary!

LORRAINE GARY THEN: Summer has finally arrived and beach weather is here. So let’s all get into the water once again and just hope that we don’t hear that iconic John Williams score playing while we are far too deep in the water. Of course, with the upcoming shark flick THE SHALLOWS, I’m in the mood for JAWS. And why not, it’s arguably one of the...
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Face-Off: Jaws 3-D vs Jaws: The Revenge

With the Fourth of July looming here in the states, my thoughts always turn to JAWS, which is the most famous movie to ever take place during the holiday. (Much more so this year since we just celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Steven Spielberg's classic.) If we did a Face-Off with JAWS against practically any other movie, the other movie wouldn't stand a chance; it'd be like a Monster Truck...
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Dissecting Jaws The Franchise!

JAWS THE FRANCHISE! Well I'll be damned! Can you believe this June marks the 40th anniversary of not just one of the best movies ever made, but the inaugural Hollywood blockbuster? That's correct y'all, June 20th means JAWS turns 40! Crazy. But you know what's even harder to comprehend than that, at least in our opinions? It's that, due to the woefully atrocious but...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Can Hollywood take killer sharks seriously again?

What more could be said in yet another article about Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece of cinema JAWS? As well, our very own Ryan Doom examined the underappreciated gem that was JAWS 2. For me, the two films took the very primeval terror of a great white shark and made for two of the most watched movies in my personal collection. And since we are now entering summer, it is my favorite time...
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Top 10 So Bad They're Good Genre Flicks!

Damn, doesn't it seem like the summer blockbuster season starts earlier and earlier with each passing year?!? Here were are, it's only mid-May, yet we're already plunged dick deep in the time of mega-studio-tent-poles. Oh well, you know what that means, right? Yup, this where the so-bad-they're-good candidates of the year typically rear their ugly little heads. Off the dome, that Sandler...
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