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Face-Off: Jeepers Creepers vs. Jeepers Creepers 2

Somehow, this year already marks the fifteenth anniversary of JEEPERS CREEPERS , and to commemorate this event Scream Factory has released special edition Blu-rays of both the first film (purchase it on Amazon at this link ) and its 2003 sequel, fittingly titled JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 (buy the Blu at this link ). Myself, I'm going to mark the occasion by having the two movies slug it out for...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: JUNE & JULY 2016

The summertime heat starting to get to you? Well then, why not just crank up the AC, buy some new horror Blu-rays and call it a day? June and July have some sweet releases in store; I may never leave home again, in fact. (Been looking for an excuse anyway.) June brings us Fox's limited X-Files event series, the Sarah Wayne Callies-led THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR and Scream...
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Jeepers Creepers 3 casting notice is axed from Breakdown Services

There is perhaps no modern horror series more controversial than the JEEPERS CREEPERS flicks. JEEPERS CREEPERS and its sequel, directed by Victor Salva and released in 2001 and 2003, are some of the better entries in early 2000's teen horror. However, the director's 1988 conviction of statutory rape of the 12-year-old star of his film CLOWNHOUSE casts a pall over the...
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Scream Factory to carve out special editions of Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2

Regardless of the controversies surrounding director Victor Salva, his films  JEEPERS CREEPERS and JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 are two of the better examples of monster filmmaking in the early 2000's. Scream Factory is kind enough to bestow these sleeper classics with snazzy new special editions, to be releaased on June 14th . The extras won't be announced until...
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Jeepers Creepers 3 will begin shooting in 2016, Victor Salva at the helm

Twelve years after the release of JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 , JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 is finally ready to take flight. Screen Daily is reporting that Myriad Pictures has begun international sales on the sequel, which it will produce via its new Scoundrel label. Victor Salva will once again write and direct the film, which is scheduled to begin shooting in Vancouver early next year. Jonathan Breck...
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Cool Horror Videos: AITH's Killer Guide To Horror: The Creeper!

As we leave you for Thanksgiving, this month's installment of  AITH's KILLER GUIDE TO HORROR focuses on a creature that not only likes to eat man-meat, but also likes to sniffs its underwear beforehand! They say he smells "fear", I say he smells something else. But I digress. Yes I speak of THE CREEPER from the JEEPERS CREEPERS series (well two films that...
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13 MGM/Fox horror classics get artistic faceplate designs from Skuzzles

You'd better make some room on your DVD/Blu-ray shelves because you're gonna want to get your mitts on some of these badboys! Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Fox Home Entertainment have teamed with Skuzzles to re-release 13 classic horror flicks on DVD and Blu-ray, each one decked out with an all-new, limited-edition artist-rendered faceplate, and these are most definitely...
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Cool Horror Videos: AITH Knocks Out Horror Clichés - Inept Cops

It's that time again! We've laced up the gloves and climbed into the ring to give the ol' 1-2 knockout punch to another tired cliché with the latest episode of AITH KNOCKS OUT HORROR CLICHES , and this time we're taking on one of the all-time classics: the dumbass cop. In horror films we have always had certain staples: the dumbass jock, the dumbass...
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Thanksgiving Face-Off: Leatherface Vs. The Creeper

It feels like a holiday miracle that the crappy Friday the 13th remake actually got some minor love with our last Face-Off . It seems that the majority disagreed with the outcome that had Ken Kirzinger beating Derek Mears as the better Jason. I will say this to the Mears supporters: sorry your guy lost, but go ahead and look back at the categories. It takes more than just how a slasher...
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