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Robotic police officers take on the mutant menace in Code 8 teaser

Arrow star Stephen Amell has debuted a teaser trailer for a sci-fi project that he, his cousin Robbie Amell, and FAST & FURIOUS / BULLET TO THE HEAD co-star Sung Kang have been working on in secret since last August. It's something called CODE 8 , and it's not quite clear exactly what it is right now, whether it's a feature, a short, or just a proof-of-concept video....
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Trailer & release info for Grace: The Possession, starring Alexia Fast

Here's a creepy idea: witness a possession through the eyes of the possessed. That's what we'll be getting in October as Sony Pictures is set to release director Jeff Chan's GRACE: THE POSSESSION on DVD on October 28...just in time for Halloween! Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS), Alan Dale (“Lost”), Alexis Knapp, and Joel David Moore (HATCHET) star in...
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Sony Pictures acquires horror-thriller Grace, starring Alexia Fast

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has acquired Jeff Chan's horror-thriller GRACE, starring Alexia Fast (JACK REACHER) from Automatik, Oddfellows Entertainment and Colony Pictures, according to TheWrap. Chan will make his feature directorial debut with the film, which he cowrote with Chris Paré. Chan previously directed live-action shorts for Activision’s...
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QED acquires zombie pitch 19; trilogy planned

One thing about zombies - you can't keep 'em down because they just keep coming. And that goes double for zombie films! Deadline is reporting that QED International‘s Bill Block has made a pre-emptive acquisition of the zombie thriller 19 , and reports that a pitch will be written by Jim Agnew & Sean Keller. The intention is to turn this into a trilogy....
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