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11 horror scripts landed on this year's Black List

As you may know, the 11th edition of  The Black List was released today, detailing the best unproduced scripts in the industry today. Voted on by 250 executives, the list contained 81 scripts (the most popular being a film from the perspective of Michael Jackson's monkey, Bubbles). Of those titles, a whopping 11 were horror or horror adjacent. At least Hollywood has good...
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Supernatural Vatican thriller White Smoke headed for Lionsgate

Jason Blum is at it again with another supernatural thriller in the works titled WHITE SMOKE . According to Variety, Lionsgate will develop the Vatican supernatural thriller with both Blum and Kevin McCormick on board to produce. The studio has acquired a pitch from Jeff Richard and Mark Bianculli, who are writing the script about a series of bizarre and haunting occurrences that grip...
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