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Teaser art for Altered Perception is an eyeful

Towards the tail end of October we learned of a new flick from Blanc-Biehn Productions titled ALTERED PERCEPTION , and today we've been lucky enough to snag some cool teaser art for the flick. If you've been keeping track, Blanc-Biehn Productions have been steadily dishing out film after film with THE NIGHT VISITOR, THE GIRL and the HIDDEN IN THE WOODS remake, all of which...
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Teaser poster art for Jennifer Blanc Biehn's The Girl

Back in August we shared the news with you that actress/director Jennifer Blanc-Biehn had lined up the thriller THE GIRL as her next directorial effort, with THE CALL's Evie Louise Thompson onboard to star as the titular character. Last month we hit you with some exclusive stills and behind the scenes pics from the flick, which is now currently in post-production. Today we have...
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Exclusive stills and behind the scenes pics from The Girl, starring Michael Biehn

Last month we shared the news that Jennifer Blanc-Biehn was set to helm the dark thriller THE GIRL, which will feature an impressive cast that includes Evie Louise Thompson (THE CALL) as well as the always impressive Michael Biehn (THE TERMINATOR), Tia Carrera (TRUE LIES), Dana Daurey (AMONG FRIENDS), Nick Nicholson (HIDDEN IN THE WOODS), Raven Carrell, Jenise Blanc, Lorraine Ziff...
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Jennifer Blanc-Biehn lines up The Girl, with Michael Biehn, Tia Carrera & Evie Thompson

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is a busy lady these days. We've been keeping an eye on her upcoming directorial debut THE NIGHT VISITOR as well as her producing work on several films including the remake of HIDDEN IN THE WOODS, and now we have word that Blanc-Biehn already has her second directorial feature lined up with the upcoming horror thriller THE GIRL. THE GIRL is a harrowing...
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