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Dwayne Johnson-starring Lore lands new director

It was almost a year ago when we last reported on the upcoming adaptation of the IDW graphic novel LORE when MEN IN BLACK director Barry Sonnenfeld has jumped onboard to helm the Dwayne Johnson-starring project, but in the time since that story it seems that Sonnenfeld and the studio couldn’t agree on a budget so Sonnenfeld stepped down as director of the film (but reportedly...
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Zac Efron-starring The Falling taps Jeremy Lott for script duty

Back in January we shared the news that Zac Efron had signed on to star in and produce the 'edgy' supernatural thriller THE FALLING for director Akiva Goldsman and Warner Brothers and that the hunt was on for a writer. The idea for the film originated within the studio, which presented it to Goldsman and Efron. Goldsman and producer Joby Harold (who worked on Warners'...
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Steven C. Miller to bring us a zombie apocalypse with Terminus

Written by Jeremy Lott and directed by Steven C. Miller comes the apocalyptic sci-fi flick TERMINUS which is being described as  “‘Walking Dead’ meets ‘Mad Max’ on crack with zombie cage fighting. This movie is the beginning of an action sci-fi franchise that shows how society continues after the zombie apocalypse” — very cool! I'd watch...
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