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Found footage horror flick Absence gets its first clip

The first ever clip from Jimmy Loweree's found footage horror feature debut ABSENCE has arrived and we've got it right here for you guys to check out. Helmed by Jimmy Loweree from a script by Loweree and Jake Moreno, the flick stars Erin Way, Eric Matheny, Ryan Smale, and Stephanie Scholz. ABSENCE makes a limited theatrical run on July 5, 2013. With the release date just days...
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Absence gets its first trailer

Cinedigm has just released the first trailer for Jimmy Loweree's directorial debut ABSENCE which seemingly came out of nowhere for us when the film's first poster dropped just a little over a week ago. While we may have just found out about the flick, any time you put a disappearing fetus in a horror film it's safe to say that its got our attention! The trailer is...
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