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You can lend a hand to The Harvesters, produced by JimmyO

When it was announced last month that pre-production had begun on writer/director Nick Sanford's mystery/horror film THE HARVESTERS , January 18th was mentioned as a very important date for the project. The date when its crowdfunding campaign would go live on Kickstarter. That month-long campaign is now underway, with the filmmakers seeking to raise $32,835, which will go toward...
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Pre-production begins on The Harvesters, produced by JimmyO

Broadcast Pictures has officially announced the commencement of pre-production on writer/director Nick Sanford's THE HARVESTERS , which is being produced by Laurie Cummings, Paul Lister, and our own JimmyO, James Oster. Described as a haunting mystery, THE HARVESTERS will utilize old fashioned filmmaking techniques while pushing them in a bold and exciting new direction. ...
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Exclusive! Greg McLean talks Wolf Creek 3 and 6 Miranda Drive!

Have you made your plans to visit with ol' Mick Taylor tomorrow? That's when Greg McLean's highly anticipated WOLF CREEK 2 finally hits U.S. VOD, later hitting limited theaters on May 16. Our very own The Arrow dug it, calling WOLF CREEK 2 'the best horror film of the year so far' in his review HERE . I'm stoked to check this badboy out! Our own JimmyO...
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Airplane Vs. Volcano (Movie Review)

PLOT: A small commercial airliner above Hawaii is suddenly sucked into a 10,000 foot active volcano. Cue Dean Cain to the rescue! REVIEW: The lunacy is never in short order when it comes to an Asylum original, and I had the delighted privilege - or inexplicable punishment - of witnessing this first hand in the sublimely asinine AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO. I mean, good grief! It's...
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Exclusive! Final words on the AITH Evil Dead big screen marathon!

Our LA  EVIL DEAD BIG SCREEN MARATHON ,which will be hosted by Arrow in the Head's very own JimmyO (with video crew in tow) is around the corner (Thursday, April 4th,  5:30pm, at Village Theate, Westwood California!), so here's a recap of what's in store for yall! You get to watch Sam Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD , EVIL DEAD 2 , ARMY OF DARKNESS and Fede Alvarez's...
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