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Trailer: SyFy original NeverKnock w/ Jodelle Ferland

It isn't very often that one of the top films I'm looking forward to checking out is a SyFy original film. Nothing against the channel's past programming, but after  CHANNEL ZERO I've taken much more of an interest in their original output. Case in point, the upcoming original flick NEVERKNOCK . I don't blame you if you've never heard of the film...
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Jodelle Ferland and Neal McDonough take on The Unspoken

Steven Schneider has only been producing films for nine years now, but he has already racked up 39 credits, many of those on notable entries in the horror genre - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY , 100 FEET , INSIDIOUS , THE LORDS OF SALEM , BLAIR WITCH . His next horror project to be released is THE UNSPOKEN , which is set to receive a VOD and limited theatrical release on October 28 th....
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Kill of the Day: Seed (2007)

Say what you want about Uwe Boll and Canada but damn do they know how to put together a death scene! I'm talking about the 2007 flick SEED. You may not have heard of this one but damn! Sitting here and thinking about it I'd go as far to say this is one of the best death scenes I've ever seen. Yup, I said it. Basically we've got this psycho beating this woman's head to a bloody pulp......
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Kill of the Day: Silent Hill (2006)

Well SILENT HILL: REVELATION came and went without so much as a whimper. Who didn't see that coming, right? So for today's Kill of the Day we're going back to basics with a scene from Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL. In this awesome clip we've got this dumb crazy b*tch finally getting what she deserves - strung up and ripped in two! Pretty vicious stuff. Then the twisted little girl dances...
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