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Teaser poster for Alistair Legrand's The Diabolical starring Ali Larter

Tonight is the World Premiere of Alistair Legrand’s new haunter THE DIABOLICAL , which will screen at this year's SXSW Film Festival. To drum up even more excitement for the Ali Larter-starring thriller, XLrator Media has shared some teaser art that's heavy on the words and not much else. Still, I kind of dig it in a old fashion, simplistic kind of way. Check it out...
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Get blessed by these new stills from The Butcher Brothers' Holy Ghost People

Guess what? The latest genre offering from Mitchell Altieri, one half of The Butcher Brothers, has just blessed us with a bunch of new stills from the religious thriller HOLY GHOST PEOPLE . The film hits limited theaters today, but if you can't catch it on the big screen then we've got the next best thing! HOLY GHOST PEOPLE is available to watch RIGHT HERE on VOD, so now...
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Holy Ghost People trailer looks for salvation

That last time we saw anything from the Butcher Brothers’ HOLY GHOST PEOPLE was last April after it had been snatched up by XLrator Media. Now that its release is just around the corner, we've been treated to the latest trailer for the flick that shines a holy light on a clown-shit crazy snake-handling cult—never trust anyone who holds one of those slithering bastards...
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Festival one-sheet for Holy Ghost People is here to bless your soul

I re-watched The Butcher Brother's THE VIOLENT KIND over the weekend and even though I'm still confused about what the hell was going on in the flick I found that I still friggin' love the tonal shift of the film, making it my favorite so far from the Bros. We've been covering HOLY GHOST PEOPLE, the latest from Mitchell Altieri, one half of the dynamic duo Butcher Brothers, and have...
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Trailer for Holy Ghost People is here to save your soul

Last week we gave you your first look at HOLY GHOST PEOPLE, the latest film from Mitchell Altieri, best known as one half of the creative duo The Butcher Brothers (THE HAMILTONS, THE VIOLENT KIND). Just ahead of the films SXSW premiere on March 10, the folks over at Deadline got their hands on a surprisingly effective trailer, which you can check out below. In this psychological...
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